Sunday, November 22, 2009

Narnia as Meditation Music

This is the online playlist I use for my archetype or aeon meditations lately. I love this soundtrack - very varied and powerful! And the last two (slow pop) songs are lovely as well, if you're not into soundtrack style music.

I should probably mention that the high quality version of this with headphones is a lot preferable to the low bitrate online playlist version, but that goes for any symphonic music.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I know. I haven't posted in eons. I have been posting on myPsiche though.

I've been wandering Mundania for some time now. That's not a bad thing. I have phases, or cycles, where I really just need to 'ground'. Focus on my outside life. Sleep a lot more than my normal deprivation. And think about not-a-whole-helluva-lot as much as possible.

I feel like I am slowly but surely healing from burnout.

I hear viewing calling to me from deep inside, that part of me I only seem to touch then, calling me home. I am ignoring her siren song for now. For 'following my bliss', the process can be surprisingly un-blissful, both in experience and in side-effects. I don't know why some people can make a casual toy out of it but not me.

I've been thinking about doing a tiny website based on my past RV sessions. Not so much a here's-what-made-it-to-paper, but a here's-what-I-think now that time, feedback, etc. gave my brain "context for understanding" which in turn drops a ton more existing-info into place (see this forum post for some explanation). This would include psychic/non-RV stuff as well as RV stuff that had different results that while not what intended, still make sense to me. I can't decide. There's so much lunacy in the field and so much misunderstanding about RV that I feel like, if I do that, it might just confuse people. Maybe I should keep the term RV off it.


Friday, July 31, 2009

MARS Anomaly, Remote Viewing

OK, this is the fourth and final video that TKR (via L Digges) put out for its July "Summer 2009 Remote Viewing Expo". This is based on two group-tasks ("Missions") done on the same anomaly photographed on the planet Mars and released by NASA. Really very interesting. There was a ton of good session data that couldn't make it into this video, so check out the sessions, which would be here (you'll need to log in):

This is my favorite video of the four -- I think it totally rocks.

The Philadelphia Experiment, Remote Viewing

This is the third video that L Digges made related to the TKR Project. IMO the sessions for this were not necessarily stellar although they still did have some intriguing data between them. The video is pretty cool though.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The TKR Remote Viewing Vid#2: Remote Viewing for Remote Viewers

This one is even cooler than the last one. Longer, more complex, and with a hip beat. YouTube below. The quality and hi-res and screenshot and credits video is:

LD did all this stuff *free*, can you believe it. It would cost as much as my Ozarks house to hire someone to make one of these for the free project. Give him some feedback on the forum thread on it, or a comment at youtube, that would be really nice.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

The TKR Remote Viewing Vid#1: Remote Viewing Galleries

This is great! TKR has a 'promotional video'. You'd have to know that this project, they are free to everyone, welcome everyone, they have no money, and the project costs me a good chunk of money to keep alive for six years now, not counting all the time I spend on building web software for it of course. This is a 'slow sweet' commercial of sorts for the Remote Viewing Galleries portion of the project.YouTube below. The better page for the quality + hi-res + screenshot + credits video is:

Direct youtube link: Remote Viewing Galleries

Sweet and groovy. Give some feedback on the thread on it on the RV webforum, or a comment at youtube!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Neuro-tech, Brain-wave Entrainment, and so on

I have a new blog with my best buddy where I'm talking about what I'm learning. Getting real into the "brain wave technology" stuff lately. I was into this like 15 years ago but there was almost no research and we didn't have the internet then. Now there is way better light/sound technology, 15 years of research, stuff on the web, people sharing stuff -- very cool!


Neuro-tech, Brain-wave Entrainment, and so on

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quote for the Day: Seth

Data comes through to us multidimensionally, then is sifted through neural connections, where it's transformed into time- segmentation or strung-out experience. Next it flows into our probable (physical) reality (which itself changes all the 'time.'). We inherently possess separate pockets or pools of experience (biologically valid among the cells' characteristics), sidepools where information collects for processing before flowing into the 'official pool of consciousness'.[...] Using these side pockets or pools where data are still unprocessed, in our terms, you can pick up several other strands of your own consciousness 'at once,' though retention may be difficult. Explaining the experience to the normal consciousness automatically helps expand it (the normal consciousness), so that each time the process becomes easier. Until, with practice, experience and data from several areas can be held simultaneously. The difficulty then is a translation in linear terms.

Seth (via Jane Roberts)
from "The Unknown Reality", appendix

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bloodline - the movie - Jesus etc.


A friend of mine was part of making a documentary on what you might call "a somewhat controversial version of issues related to Jesus the Christ."

I haven't seen it yet, but I know they were very serious about it and anybody interested in such things would probably like it.

The trailer is here:


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meditations for Remote Viewing: Ideas?

I'm mapping out a 'summer meditation list' here. Having just spent six months on the hardest archetype meditation I've ever done--which took six sessions and that long to 'get around to' finally working through--I'm feeling rather enthusiastic now about getting back on track with more regular meditations. Among the other zillion areas I focus on, this time I want Remote Viewing to be firmly on the meditation map.

I thought it might be interesting to address each of the major 'problems' that can happen in/with/to a remote viewing datasession. In other words, to see if meditating on those points might bring anything from healing to insight about it. One thing is sure, it can't hurt; nothing else solves session problems which are unpredictable. (If they were predictable, you could prevent them!)

So I'm trying to make a list of each key aspect, crux, area of RV that I should put on the list. I'm glad for any suggestions.

Simple list of 'potential issues in RV sessions' that I have so far:

  • Inaccurate data point (perceived clearly but does not match target) (problem in raw-data and/or 'noise')

  • Accurate data points which are perceived inaccurately or incompletely (problem in processing data)

  • Accurate data points, perceived accurately, but communicated inaccurately or incompletely (problem in communicating data)

  • Irrelevent data which are strongly perceived (problem could be a few areas, who knows)

  • Important data which are not perceived (problem could be a few areas, who knows)

  • Good session on what is obviously a different target (problem in target acquisition)

  • Inability to make clear contact/ get sufficient or specific data (problem could be a few areas)

What am I missing? Email me or reply here as a comment. I'd like to try and work out some fairly quick and simple visualizations to approach each of these areas, and then work on applying any of them relevent after each session. Just to see if it's helpful at all. I've always said that 'psychological integration exercises' and other "internal efforts" were important to RV but so far I don't have many of them. I'd like to work out a few and see if any pan out as worthwhile.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vampires as Eye Candy - Edward aka Rob Pattinson

Ok, any woman into the paranormal who hasn't drooled a little over Rob Pattinson in the movie 'Twilight' has no hormones. I'm not sure he was of legal age when he was in the Harry Potter flick, but he was 22 when he made this movie so I can drool without guilt. ;-)

Here's a few screenshots from memorable scenes.

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Can't forget this guy (Taylor Lautner), to be fair:

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Final scene with Edward and Bella:

Edward of Twilight by Rob Pattinson

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Archeology, Ghosts and Dreams

I think I was asleep. It's been a long time since I had an experience and genuinely didn't know afterward if I had been asleep or awake or somewhere in between. This was yesterday morning I think. Or the day before.

I was standing in the dirt with a blue sky overhead. In front of me and off to the side a bit was a small and motley assortment of people who appeared to be doing archeology work. Digging something out. I walked casually toward them, feeling a tug on my memory, but unable to place it, and so shrugging it off. Most of them were sitting below the plane of the land that surrounded the location. It went down probably 15-20' before it reached the artifact area, and at that point, there was a shallow, perhaps 3-5 foot deep, squared inset area, maybe 30-40' squared (wild guess, don't remember exactly). Several steps the full width of the area led up the sides of the inset area.

Behind where most of them worked, visible in the wall of dirt they had dug back to, a couple of columns had already been dug free, and it looked like more were behind that, awaiting. I figured this meant it was some greco-roman kind of building, given the look of the columns. I turned slightly and saw that there were a few small handwritten signs around that described different areas of what they were digging out. As there were people around, tourists it seemed, I thought this might be to reduce how often they bothered the people digging with questions.

I was just about to turn and leave when I noticed the small sign pointing to "the courtyard" inset area, as it called it. I looked back at it again, that tug-of-memory bothering me, and then all the sudden it hit me: I used to live there. I knew that place.

It wasn't an inset courtyard. It had been a shallow pool.

I managed to find the 'person in charge' of the excavation, a man. I told him that he had it wrong; that there was no inset courtyard but an inset pool. I told him that it had been beautiful and clear which suggested there was a water inlet and outlet somewhere that he hadn't dug out yet, and gave some ideas on where to look. I told him how far the columnic area went back, and how over to the sides had been where we slept. And I admitted to him that I knew all this because of a dream I once had.

I remembered the dream clearly. Even conscious I remember it pretty well, though not nearly as well as I did when I was talking to the archeologist. The dream was from several years ago.

I was a young woman living with many other young women in this building. We didn't wear very much in the way of clothing, as if it was very warm. Life was very simple and filled with prayer, focused a bit on beauty (and our beauty). We slept in the same room, most of us. We had other people who also lived with us, older-elders, a few, and several men who had roles I'm not clear on now.

One day we found one of our sisters (priestesses maybe? we weren't physically related) drowned in the pool in the morning. Her body was floating face down. We were stunned and stricken and we buried her with much grief, baffled at how she had managed to drown herself in the night. It was common for us to walk about at night, and the nights were often warm, and a relaxed swim in the pool for awhile to help bring on sleep was not unusual. Nobody had ever managed to drown while doing it though, until then.

Just when we were getting over that, like a bad dream that we were starting to forget and blur with the mercy of time, another of our group was found drowned in the morning. We were terribly upset now and prayed fervently for an answer. Was it a punishment from the gods? Was it foul play? Why did we hear nothing? Was she possessed in some fashion?

Our life had not known fear until then. It seemed we'd had it so blissful, then, before the fear came. Before one young woman after another, a few weeks apart, would be found, silent and drowned, in the morning light.

Some time had passed when I found I couldn't sleep one evening. I got up, bare of feet but some jewelry and in something I'm guessing is similar to a form of toga, and I quietly walked around the building. Nobody appeared to be awake, except someone quietly moving in the pool at the front. I stepped slowly into the pool, seeing one of the elders there. Thankfully, I thought: if only we always had two of us together like this, we would know we were safe. We should not be swimming alone anymore. He and I spoke quietly for awhile, as I floated on my back toward the center. He wanted to pray with me, at least I think that was it; and I felt his gentle hand on my head; and then he pushed me under. And he held me there fully underwater until my struggles finally ceased, and then my body's spasms at last-ditch efforts at survival ceased, and he released my body, spreading my arms out so it would stay face down.

I knew I was supposed to be dead. I knew that if I just turned my head a little, I could see and feel this huge sense of light-and-longing, and I should go.

But I was still furious. It didn't feel like it had when I was dying; much paler now; yet still, at least intellectually, real. It was the moral of it, damn it all, he was the last person we would ever have suspected of such evil, all my sisters were in danger, and I was so grossly offended about it that I refused to turn into the light and leave. I vowed that I would not leave that location until I saw him discovered.

Time and reality were very odd then, and not easy to remember let alone record. But I figured out how to intensely focus my attention and intention to cause small changes in the physical world I had lived in. I gave sign after sign to my sisters to point them toward him. And when I wasn't doing that, I gave signs to him as well, and he began to tremble with fear, knowing that the gods or spirits or something were on to him. And finally they began to get the suspicion. And finally they worked it out between themselves that they would test this suspicion, with a seemingly lone innocent newer girl, and just as he began his quiet but effective drowning process, they all dashed out and into the pool to save her and the bulk of them overcame him. Their cries brought the other elders and by morning, he was remanded to authorities; he would die.

I felt grimly satisfied. And then I finally let myself pray again, which I hadn't done since I had died, perhaps somewhat in anger that my prayers while being murdered hadn't worked. And I felt more than saw the warmth and light, and I let the world fall away, and melted into it.

That was the dream I remembered, which took place at the location the archeologists were digging out.

I have no idea if this place is real or where it might be.