Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Information + Human = Time

I can't articulate 99% of what I want to talk about. That will probably make this blog post longer, rather than shorter, knowing me.

Imagine a plant, like a bulb flower or a vegetable bush. It 'fruits' based on an inherent time-setting defined by "the nature of it". Every plant has its own, varying time setting. The details of the specific lineage of that category of that plant makes it vary, and of course, even in a group of identical plants, there is some variance.

These settings are like "defaults". But they aren't hard laws. You can actually affect the fruiting cycle of plants, make it a bit slower or faster, depending on the conditions it lives in. (According to some, it can depend even on psi rapport, but we'll leave that one for another day.)

I've talked with a couple people who said they psychically tuned into trees. Both of them said the most astounding thing was how "slow" the tree was thinking. As if it were just... on a different time-scale than we are. As if perhaps reality moved more slowly for them. I imagine that butterflies, with their short life spans, might perceive things much "faster" than we do somehow. Maybe they live an entire lifetime-worth in their 3-14 day (depending on breed) lives. In other words, maybe the lifespan and 'timing' is not merely about how long they biologically live, but also relates to the speed at which they perceive reality -- or, "information".

Think about humans. We reach 'maturity' based on an inherent time-setting defined by "the nature of what we are". (i.e., humans, not snakes or whales.) There are smaller cycles within our overall life span for various unfoldings. We vary not only based on our species, but potentially based on our unique breed (genetics), and just like plants, also based on the conditions that we have lived within.

Everything has its own time for maturing, fruiting, expressing, dying.

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
as the song goes.

We have our own speed for "perceiving reality" (information), as well. This is a general range for our species, but varies within that range by person.

Mass, according to physics, is really just vibrating energy. The speed of the vibration determines the 'density' that it will appear 'compared to our own'. When things vibrate more quickly than us, they may appear to be less solid, like water, then like gas, then like the spectrum of heat-sound-light. If it vibrates beyond the range of our biological perception tools, it passes into the infrared, and X-ray, zones. When things vibrate more slowly than us, they may appear to be more solid, like a tree, then hard as stone, then hard as metal, even hard as diamond. Of course, this is only measured by our own vibration rate: how we "relate to" other things. If our 'attention' is at the vibrational rate for gaseous materials, maybe to us, that is real and solid and 'reality'.

So it is possible (reaching, here) that an incredibly slow-vibrating life form might live so slowly we cannot perceive them as alive. We may perceive them as giant boulders or something. It could take a million years for that lifeform to change from one state to another, into something we can't imagine or understand, but our species is only exposed to things for about a century, or even with history, only a few centuries that we can hold together in good cultural cohesion (understanding).

It is possible there are lifeforms that live so quickly we cannot measure them. Or that in a physics sense, vibrate too quickly to even be in the visual scale for us. Maybe we could only hear them, for the entire 12.5 seconds of what to them is a long life.

Now, time doesn't exist. Nor does space. I believe this, although if I believed it even more I'd be a better viewer.

How can vibration, which is a linear time-based thing, exist?

But "perception" does. Consciousness. How, who knows, but it must, since we're thinking about it.

I've heard that we can have a dream that seems like it lasts for days, in the space of a few seconds. That implies that perception is not bound by time.

I believe that information is energy; that like space/time, they are essentially the same thing from a different perspective.

Our biological bodies, like the plant and the butterfly, are energy-constructs that by their nature vibrate within a certain rate. Possibly as part of that, we also perceive information within a certain rate. This is not about what energy-information is 'inherent inside us'. ALL of it is inherent inside us. It is about how long it takes us to fork it out of ourselves, to "unfurl it" within ourselves.

To bring it from the seed of potential, to the fruition of our understanding.

Its own cycle of life.

What if information has its own time-setting? Or what if our own "relationship" to various energy/ information has certain defaults in that respect?

The other day, I suddenly perceived information as if it were a thing. As if it were a ball of layered energy like an onion, that would simply "blossom" (from seemingly nothing) inside us like a spontaneously growing energy-flower. Except, not a ball, of course... just everywhere and nowhere, since there is no space. ;-)

I had the sense that of the conglomerate of information that makes up any remote viewing target, that different elements of that information have their own time. By that I mean that whether it is the information-energy of 'that thing' or of 'us' or of 'the relationship' (on some level, those may not even be different things, but I won't go there!), perhaps the "seed to maturity" cycle is different for different collections of information, just like it is different for everything else we know about.

As if information exists at different human-perceptual rates depending on... something; its nature.

I'm explaining it all terribly, of course.

The really trippy part was this: I really 'sensed' in that moment that when I am exposed to "a target" in remote viewing, there is information I get 'right then' (I think of it that way), but there is information that is not going to "reach maturity inside me" -- be understood properly -- like waves of it, or blooms of it, at various other speeds. 8 hours, a couple weeks, a few months, whatever.

Thinking of information as a 'thing' was hard enough, but thinking of information having to "incubate inside me until it reaches a maturity where I will perceive it clearly" was kind of a trip too.

Since I don't believe in time and space, I'm not sure how any of this makes sense. I find it all completely confusing.

But fascinating. Because I felt it inside me like I do spontaneous dowsing, like literally I could sense my body and its relationship with information and how information just 'had its own time in me'--although that is more likely my perceptual time than the info's... but who knows?

This makes me wonder if perhaps doing a session, walking away, and doing another a week later, two months later, prior to feedback mind you, might result in some interesting other-data that we wouldn't see were they just separate sessions each with feedback. Could there be some kind of "information incubation period"?

More importantly, I think that humans can force this to change by Will. I think if we recognize this, that we can specifically "intend" within ourselves to speed up that fruition process, to make all the information available to us "right now." Perhaps some people are instinctively and unconsciously better at this than others.


Friday, October 19, 2007


I guess I have to go back a bit to make this morning's discovery make sense to anybody but me. I guess it's an example of how viewing can muck with your mind and how information on targets that have no feedback can spawn all kinds of stuff.

Years ago (around 1997 I think), I had a powerful dream. I was standing in a big valley with a bunch of people who were impossibly tall, and it seemed like some ancient time. In the dream I seemed merged with others, like I often am "of The Four". I think it's possible, I felt on awakening anyway, that the people were all of the species that the female of my four often presents in, the one with the long head that I interpret as the "pre-egyptian".

We were all focused on this rather majestic and powerful creature. Huge. As "I" (meaning, my identity here) got a little bit lucid in the dream, and so a bit more independent-thinking, I realized that the creature was made of stone, and I thought, but how can he be alive?

They responded in a way that amounted to, If a creature of bone [such as you, or we] can be sentient, why not a creature of stone?

There was some overlay of an odd similarity between bone and stone that I didn't fully get. But the point was that the creature was very much alive--I knew that, as I could feel it.

I gazed at it, so incredibly alone in this space somehow. Won't it get lonely? I asked, feeling such a strong sense of its uniqueness in the world, and its powerful and sentient presence.

They responded in a way that amounted to, Yes, but we are creating for him a mate, and so, then they will not be alone.

When I woke up, I understood that the stone creature was the Sphinx in Egypt. It was just a no-brainer... I didn't guess, I just knew.

When I told LJ about this way back then, he of the endless study of archeology, anthropology, science anomalies and so on, he said that was interesting, because he'd run across at least one legend of an alleged sphinx on the other side of the world facing the one we know, at some point in history (apparently not now).

Well, it's a trivia, and that was that. It did give me a sort of 'empathy-sense' for the sphinx, though. Every time I have seen a photo of it since that dream, I have felt such a sense of sadness, and a sense similar to that I feel every time I see a photo of the Mars moon Phobos: a sense of "damage to the face" somehow. (I've actually got that as data a couple times in sessions on Phobos.)


Some time ago (a few months maybe? I have no time sense) over at TKR's space in the Dojo Psi, Marv Darley tasked people on what the Sphinx looked like originally. Unfortunately I missed that mission, which bummed me out, as I found that an interesting question. I thought maybe I'd have to task myself on that someday, but then I forgot about it.

(Later, update: I went to grab a screenshot of the TKR mission page of his task just for a little image here, and I can't find it. Did he not do it? Did it disappear? Did I hallucinate this entire thing? I swear, sometimes my memory is so weird. It reminds me of when I was a kid and had a rather hard time figuring out whether things had happened or I had merely dreamed them happening.)


So a few weeks ago or so I was doing a session and for the third time I got an "icon" data. Now, this is something special I want to talk about on the firedocs blog, if I ever get photoshop of any version functioning bootleg on this computer. Suffice to say it is a really specific "feeling" when data comes through like this, and of the two I'd had previously, the icon amazingly, succinctly 'summed up' the shapes and somehow even their dynamic.

I wish I could put into words how this feels inside, not only the clarity of the shape, but the super sense of "sharp contrast clarity" of the edges of the shape, like the most high-resolution clear edges of an icon/logo you can imagine. I could only sketch them at the time of the sessions but I want to make what I actually saw-felt-etc. in session and then show it with the feedback so people can see what I mean.

Anyway, so in the session, I get this very clear flash of a hawk-head, like that Horus thing in Egyptology, and a real focus on this head in the sense, like it was important.

Then I get a graphic-icon data: A bird with outstretched wings so its real obvious, like a stylized Phoenix made with lots of these little shapes, all the same shapes, like one of those art things created by spraying paint into a cut-out-template, I'm having a mental block on the word right now. It actually reminded me vaguely of a pic not uncommon on the hoods of 'firebird' cars in the 1970s I think it was, but a little bit different, and I thought during the session, that's probably why I'm getting it as icon-data, because in my mind this ties into a logo.

I sense there is something on the head, and wings. I didn't get a body sense clearly in the session, and yet, I did have a sense I recorded of a larger solid-body creature that had wings, "like a griffin but not" was how it felt and I think that was the data in session. You know, big solid body, but wings, bird-head, like some super magical ancient creature.

But it's got that's graphic-icon feeling, which is really clear and strong, and I get SO EXCITED because so far, the other two times I had that, the data was just incredibly succinct with it and I'm thinking, that's so fantastic! I can't wait to see what the target might be! I bet whatever it is, this data is awesome for it.

I'm working from my envelope pool which was made like 8 years ago of around 800 targets, but now has about 500 left, including several bizarre off-the-top taskings that I've completely forgotten by now but sometimes stumble on (and usually think, "What the hell was I thinking when I tasked this?!"), but I can't even think of what could possibly match something like this.

The target feedback turned out to be an old photo of the sphinx.

the Sphinx

This wouldn't be the first time I have wondered about something in a target (for example, how a crop circle was made) and then when I happened to get that target, actually described what I had previously wondered about -- I think that this is like subconscious self-tasking in a way.

But I was so bummed on feedback, because I thought: it makes no sense. Why would I get a hawk's-head for the sphinx? Surely it could never have had anything like that, whatever it might have had, surely it wasn't that. After all, it has the body of a cat. Aren't there somewhere, some feline bodies that have Rams' heads or something? Probably that's what it had. And where on earth would I get the idea of the wings, I wondered. Did that just go with the hawk-head symbol? It didn't feel like it. I still had the griffin-like-but-not-that overlay.

Oh well.

Ya never know. Ya just move on.

Today I was wondering what to task for the TKR Mission. Still half asleep. Idly, I wished I could task the sphinx's original look, based on my session, then realized I couldn't as it'd likely be a tasking thoughtform since I already had something in my head. Then I remembered that Marv had already done that anyway. Doh.

But since I was sitting there, out of curiosity I typed into google -- I was on the 'images' search at the time -- hawk head feline wings griffin, or something like that. I didn't actually expect to find that weird a combo, I just thought it might be interesting to see if there was anything that associated griffin with the hawk or feline concept mostly.

Google is becoming a metaphysical tool. :-)

I glanced through the various horus pics idly, and suddenly -- there was a creature in a drawing that had the head of a bird, with something on top, wings, the body of a feline, and appeared to be a 'griffin-like' creature. "Like a griffin, but not."

I literally just sat here at my computer staring at it, completely speechless.

I had no idea such a thing existed. My skeptical mind says any info existing in the world I could have been subconsciously exposed to, ok fine, but consciously, I am certain I was not aware that this existed. I clicked on the picture to see what the page said.

AmericanMonsters had this to say about the creature in the picture:


Resembling the infinitely better known GRIFFIN, this animal was said to bear the head and wings of a hawk, both of which were blended into the muscular torso of a large feline.

Axex, a creature just like the one, sort of, in my psychic session

Most depictions of this ancient animal - which like so many other potentially "real" creatures was included among the pantheon of Egypt's minor deities - show three, curved appendages resting atop the Axex's skull. Some researchers have concluded that these adornments bear more than a passing resemblance to the crest of a rooster. This animal has also been associated with the winged British scavanger known as the OPINICUS.

I think this is my guy. I really do. Man! That's a trip.

Never heard of it till now. It doesn't seem possible the sphinx used to have wings, though how the hell would I know. It's enough of a stretch trying to imagine it having a hawk's head for goodness sake.

Now I am really interested to know more about Axex. When I get time I'll see what I can find.

Update (later): I did a quick search on sphinx and I actually found a pic of a "Greek Sphinx" that has wings. Maybe that's not so unusual as I thought.

 Greek Riddling Sphinx

(P.S.: I wasn't quite as crazy as I thought. Marv had a different task, but in the TKR thread that discussed it, Eva was talking about the sphinx's possible original face/head. That is where I got the association. This will teach me to try to do much of anything when I am sleep deprived!)


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Catching Up Oct-07

Well it's been awhile. I thought I would do a miscellany update here and say hi to friends who read this.

First, a review of trivia/references for those into that sort of thing:

* Posted something at the firedocs blog again finally.

* The McMoneagles posted again on their blog finally too. Joe helped find another person in Japan missing for many years!

(I know this only is on Japan TV but still, wouldn't you think that the various RV lists would be filled with people raving about the wonder of it, given the scarcity of modern brag-opportunities for viewing?)

Pic from their blog:

McMoneagles and Friends

* TKR has had a few threads I found interesting lately, like on Feedback Format and of course the Featured Sessions thread, and for anyone who ever got thinking about how some RV feels like forced-choice like when you're trying to describe a person, this thread was my rambling about that.

Sample Remote Viewing Sessions Online

As always, TKR at the Dojo Psi is hopping with daily sessions, viewers working their asses off and having fun and doing good work, sometimes mindblowing work, in full doubleblind protocol.

Some of my faves of the moment (recent sessions):

Rev'sDrag id=120350

Lillypad id=120259

7Sees id=120075

JS25 id=119626

(I could list like 10 for RD. She's amazing.)

There's lots of good and great sessions there, and by others -- worth a look. If you don't have much time, go to 'recent comments' or the 'G15' list.

Many people say that 'automated tasking' especially from a pool, with simple photo feedback, and a simple directive to base task focus on the focus/moment of the photo, makes it "more difficult" to view well. I would agree that it is not the ideal condition for viewing, but ya know, people in the RV Galleries do it every day and totally kick ass. Maybe they'd do even better, or do better more often, if it was all different, but I don't see that happening elsewhere or under other conditions so I'm not complaining.

I have a huge admiration for people with the courage to put themselves out there publicly in the dojo.

Meanwhile, back at the Secret Lab...

Remote Viewing's Taskerbot

The new version of TASKERBOT is now online in beta. It's much cleaner. It's still sitting inside TKR until it's fully tested out... then I'm going to make it a separate site altogether, one people can go seamlessly to/from, but still, separate from TKR. This is because tBot is being coded to handle "management" of tasks for a variety of dojo projects, so people can copy/task from one to another, etc. Yes, project-S with an S; there are a couple others coming that have nothing to do with TKR but are pretty cool. Back to the new tBot:

1. Offsite tasking now allows you to use your own task#, so it can be used simply for feedback or already created tasks.

2. TKR folks can donate practice targets--with their own taskings!--to that pool through there.

3. The basic grab-bag options are now easier in several ways, like you can task to more than one friend/self at once, you can task multiple taskings on the same target at once, you can 'retract' something tasked to someone, things like that.

4. There's now quite a variety of listings for tracking/management, and quick-view options, with text, taskings, photos, hidden in the listing so just click and you see detail.

5. A new application called GEO is now part of it. Custom map 'areas' of your locale using Google Earth for GPS coordinates, then tBot-GEO will randomly task you on a location.

6. The TANDEM feature is upgraded and easier. Now you can do it privately, plus (this was the big request) you can do it from the grab-bag of the host instead of the TKR viewer practice studios -- so if the host has a cool collection of tasks including esoteric whatever, that can be tandem work too. Tandem is fun. I keep thinking I need to set up some weekly official tandem where lots of people can come and do a live session with lots of others on the same task just for the fun of it.

remote viewing TASKERBOT's Live Monitor

7. Not yet online but coming soon are some neat stuff like LIVE MONITOR -- I made a little app where a 'monitor' can sit in a chat area with a viewer, there are all kinds of preset 'feedback options' for how accurate the viewer might be, plus a custom text area for directives. The viewer can type in data to the screen, or just aim a webcam at their paper instead. I'm making some options like putting images and links into the chat itself, and making the room a unique instance for those users (totally private and room never used before/after that) before making it live. Seriously I always thought the in-session feedback idea was brilliant, but research indicates it's a cold-reading-the-monitor (not psi) training method and I've never understood why nobody made the effort to upgrade the approach to it, so that idea could still be used, but without the in-body blowing-protocol part. This does that.

For now Taskerbot is in TKR still, so visit TKR at the Dojo Psi click on Taskerbot when you get there to check it out.

Let's see, what else...

Oh yeah - Sketching!!

serious kilowatt sketch of nefertiti and the sphinxLD's artsy sketches that he posts at his blog sometimes have inspired me to finally get my act together and learn how to sketch. So I dug out my copy of Betty Edwards's "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain", made a list of about 40 items in there I wanted to try, ranked them in assumed order of difficulty, and every night I sit and work on one of them. Observation #1: I suck at sketching. Observation #2: Apparently even someone like me can learn though, because I'm improving slightly already.

I can't tell you how many times I've not been able to sketch in a session or done more harm than help to the session process, data, even given myself AOL in the process of screwing something up... I've just got to learn to sketch "perspective" well, that's all there is to it. My kid likes to draw so we do it together at night before bed. She's working on teaching herself to draw Anime. I put on either classical or jazz (it's her Music Education Hour, haha) and a little incense, it's a great mood moment.

Beats watching TV. Whatever that is. If I didn't get TV shows on DVD from friends or via the internet, I'd never see it at all.

Speaking of LD he recently visited here. Cool guy. While here he assembled for me a desk I bought over a year ago (I only recently made room in my house to use it), a slant-table that makes my secret Architect dreams come shining through. Now I have an 'official' place not only for sketching but, when it's flat, for dowsing. I'm going to put together some kind of official dowsing experiment to celebrate, I just haven't decided on a new one yet. I still have like 500 targets in my physical pool that I need to get through so I can make another one so it'll probably be something that involves a lot of RV targets. ;-)

I sent a couple dojo friends signed copies of McMoneagle's "Mind Trek," that he gave me after I thought to ask for one for a friend. I have a few left, so if someone reading would really like one, send me an email with a name and mailing address.

No, I will not be sending that to my Big Uber-Secret Cache Of Government Spies that people seem to assume I have for some reason, just because thanks to RV I know a few people who used to be in intell. However, if you send me chocolate or gourmet fruit flavor jelly beans in return (or gourmet garlic. I love real garlic!), I'll do prayers for you in front of my 99 cent Mexican candles with Archangel Michael on them. Between the candles and the Frankincense and Myrrh you'd think I was religious or something. Hmmmn...

Moving on.

Marilyn via Red Cairo

It's a good thing I lost a lot of weight in '06 because I haven't lost any in '07. Of course this would mean I might actually have to make an effort, which I haven't been. I'm inspired to weight lifting again though. And a friend bought me this lovely old photo of Marilyn Monroe lifting weights that is awesome for my workout room. Now I just need some decent mirrors in there, so I can remind myself constantly WHY I am working out, hahaha.

Weight lifting is actually a pretty cool sport, as these things go. Anything that is really hard, almost hurts and makes you smell bad must be cool. So far I still have a butt the size of jupiter, but I feel a lot healthier than I did a year ago, so I guess I'm getting somewhere.

I'm restarting an RV 'exercise' period where I do very brief, very fast sessions from my envelope pool. It's partly punishment for not viewing enough for quite some time.

The time for viewing is evening. By the time the kid's in bed I'm sleepy, and then I have like an hour, two at the most, to allot between RV, dowsing, guitar, sketching, house cleaning, reading, my boyfriend, programming for RV stuff online, and a dozen other possible things. It's so easy for viewing to get run over in the competition. I sorta resent that I gotta work for a living frankly and have so little time for the many things so important to me -- kids are the main time-suckers. Sometimes I feel like from the time I gave birth I should have known just to 'write off' the next dozen years of 'having a life' of my own at all. She's awesome but I'm long overdue for having my own life again frankly.

Anyway, I gotta get back into constant viewing again. I would like to set up some things that let other people task me (and anyone who wants to join me) in a regular daily viewing challenge, sort of a exercise for people to hold the line of constant viewing in a busy world. But it won't be fun if I'm programming for it but not viewing for it, that drives me crazy!

Speaking of which. I gotta go task this week's mission at TKR! Sessions due by Monday 10/22 7pm Eastern.

Next post will be a real blogging of some kind I expect. This one is just catch up on too long out of touch.