Friday, July 31, 2009

MARS Anomaly, Remote Viewing

OK, this is the fourth and final video that TKR (via L Digges) put out for its July "Summer 2009 Remote Viewing Expo". This is based on two group-tasks ("Missions") done on the same anomaly photographed on the planet Mars and released by NASA. Really very interesting. There was a ton of good session data that couldn't make it into this video, so check out the sessions, which would be here (you'll need to log in):

This is my favorite video of the four -- I think it totally rocks.

The Philadelphia Experiment, Remote Viewing

This is the third video that L Digges made related to the TKR Project. IMO the sessions for this were not necessarily stellar although they still did have some intriguing data between them. The video is pretty cool though.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The TKR Remote Viewing Vid#2: Remote Viewing for Remote Viewers

This one is even cooler than the last one. Longer, more complex, and with a hip beat. YouTube below. The quality and hi-res and screenshot and credits video is:

LD did all this stuff *free*, can you believe it. It would cost as much as my Ozarks house to hire someone to make one of these for the free project. Give him some feedback on the forum thread on it, or a comment at youtube, that would be really nice.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

The TKR Remote Viewing Vid#1: Remote Viewing Galleries

This is great! TKR has a 'promotional video'. You'd have to know that this project, they are free to everyone, welcome everyone, they have no money, and the project costs me a good chunk of money to keep alive for six years now, not counting all the time I spend on building web software for it of course. This is a 'slow sweet' commercial of sorts for the Remote Viewing Galleries portion of the project.YouTube below. The better page for the quality + hi-res + screenshot + credits video is:

Direct youtube link: Remote Viewing Galleries

Sweet and groovy. Give some feedback on the thread on it on the RV webforum, or a comment at youtube!