Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Was in the dance mood. Here's some cool youtube links for anybody else who likes dance.

First my own favorite: a lovely young girl doing jazz dance to 'Fever' in a competition - wow, really cool!

Another way cool thing in part because it's the gen-u-ine original uprock, get this of the 1930's!,

Some b-boying which it turns out is the original name for breakdancing. This appears to be composed of several major component styles, much more detailed than I realized

This guy gives an example of how he came up with one b-boying move, it's interesting and looks really cool when he's done!

You can blame the b-boying etc. on LD, an obvious bad influence, that's his thang

This is a long one, called 'stomp' when the feet and something minor (like a pole in this case) is used for all the percussion. I love percussion! And when they go into the part of using the poles like staffs -- way cool.

New Jack Swing 'all stars' video compilation, pretty cool, kinda like piecing together dance bits of 1980's videos and such

If you prefer riverdance tap, which I don't but some do (I prefer jazz tap), here's a little one

Now beware, the boogie funk framptonesque e-pop (and louder than most of these videos) might kill you, but these japanese "lockers" provide nearly 10 minutes of demos of that particular art form (this is part of b-boying too), some of it's really cool

It's like a whole generation of stuff that kind of passed me by. Cool though.

Here's another jazz number with a couple of neat movies, far less jazzy than the one at top but much more humor

To mellow you out after all that thick chompin beat stuff, here is an offbeat eye-candy Chinese dance

And let's be fair, this famous ice dance routine qualifies as dancing by any measure


And here's a long dim-stage lighted group dance, Jabbawocky in a b-boying style, gets a bit more interesting as it goes on:

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