Thursday, April 03, 2008

Alien NLP

There have been many times that either in dreams, visions, or other esoteric experience someone else has either said to me, or heavily implied, that I was -- well, something distinctly individual and special, the word varies and sometimes I don't recall the word if it's a dream and I awaken, but it has some singular and semi-religious connotation. Usually it is some variant of--or something that gives the impression of--prophet, saint, etc. I personally suspect this is human ego on some level.

The other day I was watching multiple segments of this guy's "Abduction Account." It is pretty interesting; I take it more seriously than many I've heard. Of course, thanks to Bewilderness I have my own framework for all this, of a sort--retrospectively at least, I didn't have one at the time--which probably skews how I interpret other peoples' accounts.

Anyway, somewhere around part 3 I guess it was--I'm not sure as I fell deeply asleep during part 4, suggesting I was probably in denial, gotta get back to that--he says the aliens are having a hard time with him and he's ready to punch them when one walks in and looks at him and says to the others something like, "This is the prophet."

Two interesting things happened then that weren't obvious (I don't think) to the guy telling it. The first is that he accorded the man who said it a lot more respect than the others. The second is that he reduced (greatly) his probability of physically freaking out.

Which seriously led me to wonder if that whole part was a setup to begin with. "It worked," is what I thought, on hearing it. It reframed it for him, in an NLP context; the situation's overall equation changed, because the inner variable--him--was affected by this, even though nothing else changed.

There is no reason to think that the various entities/aliens that interact with humans are all morons. Basic human psychology is not rocket science, to say the least. And in the state of mind when we are interacting with them, it seems a little closer to the emotional surface and a little farther away from the ordinary surface of mind that we consider reality 'here', which I suspect may make us slightly more vulnerable to that kind of thing as well.

I'm a skeptic at heart. That's why when I do bulk doubleblind dowsing I also throw in targets like "My name is Melissa." If I get these wrong, I have to take positive answers for "Am I being monitored for intell purposes" or "Are there really people living on Mars like my session implied" with a grain of salt. (Let's just say that a good deal of dowsing has left me a skeptic as to the success rate of binary models for psi. I think it's do-able, but I can also easily see why RV took precedence over all forced-choice formats.)

In an "interactive situation with other identities" as I would call this, I would later ask myself:

1 - is there any reason for them telling me something which might not be true?
2 - do I have any reason to 'believe' anything or everything they tell me?
3 - if they told me something different or opposite, would I believe that too?

Because I notice a curious thing about 'doons of any kind, whether they're aliens or entities or god-only-knows-what-else: if they say something grand about you, one is prone to not only believe it, but to instantly bestow some level or trust or respect upon the one uttering it.

If it weren't so predictable it'd be embarrassing.

Now I'm not saying this guy is not "the prophet" or whatever. My comments are about me, not about him, it's just that his account made me think of all this.

I'm saying that having had kinda similar frameworks of experience, and more than once, and in different genres of experience, I question whether this is some fundamental truth--or some beautiful, hypnotic experience which not only served their purpose for that moment, but actually set this guy's psychology up to share his experience and all the different things they told him. (At which point maybe he became the prophet. As if there can only be one.)

In business you'd have to pay someone as a spokesperson. In intelligence you'd have to pay them or monitor them to see they didn't get wild, I imagine. In religion, people are driven to share their stories with others for internal reasons, mostly the feeling of importance, whether of the subject or themselves or both.

But in esoteric experiences, all it seems to take is one convincing identity to tell you that you're something special--even if the identity is the bad guy, humorously!--to later provide the effectiveness of business and intelligence combined with the internal drive of religion. A star is born, not necessarily because we were destined, but because we were able to BELIEVE that we were destined to 'be someone' after they told us so.

Humans tend to believe anything they say, because we have a complete vacuum of experience or evidence to the contrary, and because when with them, we seem to be in a state of mind that is highly suggestible. If I believed everything an entity or alien has told me or that some esoteric experience has showed or implied to me, I'd probably be totally crazy by now, convinced of some glorious spiritual calling for my people for which I alone was qualified to serve. I just can't take the 'doons, or myself, that seriously.

He points out (in part 6) that communication was telepathic, and he has a hard time understanding how they could ever lie, since he could "see" or understand their brains and vice-versa.

I don't know. That's a good point. In bewilderness I had the argument from others that they were lying to me or appearing to be something different. I really don't have an answer to any of it. I guess I just have some fundamental need to question myself, and his account tapped into that insecurity of mine.



Anonymous said...

Hmm, I had not thought of that. Would be pretty ironic, some thinking they are the second coming cuz some alien/entity just wanted to calm them down for a sec or two and so made up a big fib. Gah! And most of the rest thinking the "prophets" are totally insane but turns out it was just lieing aliens all along! Ii wonder if that is the basis of any or many of our current religions..

I have had a fair number of these wierdo dream like experiences. Seems to me that some of the experiences involve entities that are very easy to read and other involve entities in which I heard dialogue from them psychically but not necesarily am I able to peer into their whole mind like an open book or anything. Seems to me, if an entity had a powerful mind, it could possibly send psychic ideas to me as dialogue and I may not be able to tell if it was a lie or may not think to wonder in the first place. Also, there are many things that are basically true but could be misleading to our conscious minds. We could be told that we are 'special' and it may well be they think that about all the Earth creatures or whatever.

Kate said...

I just read an article saying that Whitley Strieber has a similar "I'm the messiah" approach now. I've also encountered other people who've been told similar things, like that they're the messiah or the chosen one. They can't all be the chosen one, so what's going on? I wonder if "they" (you know, the Almighty They) are broadcasting the "chosen one" message and seeing who picks up on it and who will act on it, thus furthering "their" goals.