Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quote for the Day: Seth

Data comes through to us multidimensionally, then is sifted through neural connections, where it's transformed into time- segmentation or strung-out experience. Next it flows into our probable (physical) reality (which itself changes all the 'time.'). We inherently possess separate pockets or pools of experience (biologically valid among the cells' characteristics), sidepools where information collects for processing before flowing into the 'official pool of consciousness'.[...] Using these side pockets or pools where data are still unprocessed, in our terms, you can pick up several other strands of your own consciousness 'at once,' though retention may be difficult. Explaining the experience to the normal consciousness automatically helps expand it (the normal consciousness), so that each time the process becomes easier. Until, with practice, experience and data from several areas can be held simultaneously. The difficulty then is a translation in linear terms.

Seth (via Jane Roberts)
from "The Unknown Reality", appendix


Eva said...

Sometimes I dream I am a few separate consciousnesses all of which are 'me' and talking to eachother. I figure it's not a schizo thing cuz they all seem like me, not like varying personalities as you typically see in split personality. I wonder if that multiple me thing is maybe more common than I thought.

JonnyHo said...

I have had a similair experience, although they were not like myself, I met my Id, Ego and Super-Ego.

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