Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Technical Targets

I'm finding, thanks to my tasker in part, that I seem to have more of a 'connect' with high-tech (particularly 'energy'-based) targets than some other kinds. I'm not sure why some viewers are better with some types of targets than others. I'm not a techie (I barely if that qualify even as a programmer; definitely not a high-tech sort). I can't think of any logical reason why this kind of info would come through for me, and yet so often, it has. And it's really fun, and it feels really cool.

I think I'm going to start collecting high tech targets for my tBot pool. I'll have enough tasks in there that the random assign is still doubleblind. It would be interesting to do a whole series, a couple of times, and see if I can explore that more.


Anonymous said...

You sound like you are getting ready for a new project. Aren't you tired of moving your brain yet? Anyway, sounds interesting - your dream about the monster - like we'd all be keeping the enemy close enough to sleep with but one eye open all the time - new nerve gas- chemical agent - what?
anyway, I'll send you a target of mine from my personal pool if you'd like? Happy times, PJ - sevensees

hidden said...

good to see ya back babe!