Friday, December 01, 2006

High Fidelity

I'm a big fan of actor John Cusak. Of his sister Joan, as well. My other favorite actors are Bruce Willis, Brian Dennehy, Nicolas Cage, Chow Yun Fat, Tim Robbins, and I know I'm forgetting a couple... and some who've passed on, like Raul Julia and River Phoenix. Anyway after planning to see it for like five years I finally got around tonight to seeing John's movie "High Fidelity." His character was slightly similar, but rather more seedy, than the one he plays in "Must Love Dogs", a more recent movie.

He realizes at this one point that he's never really made a commitment (to the woman he loves). That he always had one foot out just in case. And that because he was never really fully committed to her, he didn't really focus on the positive potential of the future, either, but just sort of lived day to day.

Jack Black is a helluva singer. I hadn't realized.

It made me think about that for a little while. About how our plans and dreams for our future come in two categories: idle fantasies, that we engage in for the pleasure; and creative construction, because what we're daydreaming about is something we have committed to.

So it really comes down to committment. If you don't have your oars in, you're not going anywhere except with the stream.

I think I need to decide exactly what I want and don't want in life and make a commitment to it.

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