Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Warder

I was saying earlier about the Warder thing. I have a post from a few months ago called The Warder, about my best friend, whom I am coincidentally passionately in love with, but really, that's a completely different subject.

I think people have more of the psychic bond of Warders than our society recognizes, at least, depending on the people. I certainly seem to with him.

He thinks he's been demoted, after reading my last blog post. I threaten to announce my undying love for him publicly and demand he make a commitment to me. The latter of which would probably send him into some kind of allergic reaction.

In any case, I think one of the more interesting aspects of psi is the relationships between human beings. I pick up a lot more about people now by voice, email and chat and so on than I ever did before. I'm willing to bet most viewers do, as a side effect of awareness or something.

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