Monday, January 08, 2007

Life, or Something Like It

I wonder what normal people do with their lives.

They probably don't spend it obsessed with hypnosis.

Or obsessed with remote viewing.

Or obsessed with their eating plan.

Sometimes in the dim history of my memory, I recall that normal people do... well, normal things. I just can't remember what those are.

Maybe they work, come home, eat dinner, read the paper, watch TV, and go to sleep.

No, that'll never do. More than two weeks of that would make me put a bullet in my head. There's gotta be more to life and something deeper or what's the point of getting up in the morning.

Thank you Bill for the Evanescence second album etc. And the kind words. I love the music.

I have a whole list of resolutions for 2007 I hope to do well by. And I just began implementing a 'schedule' in my day that includes accomplishing a lot more than normal. So far things are going well.

Joe McMoneagle's birthday is Wednesday the 10th. I'm posting on his blog that morning. Please comment on the post I make to wish him a happy birthday. It's nothing short of about 82 miracles that he is even around to turn 61.

Thank you Dave for bailing out my Radical RV group when I abandoned it about 10 seconds after opening it. I hope you can find some other sucker to pawn moderator work off on so it can continue.

I did the rounds on the RV online stuff tonight. I realized that my burnout on the online field is not going to be over anytime soon apparently.

I was really happy until about an hour ago. PMS probably, when my internal world takes a 90 degree turn that's usually it. I think I am spiraling into one of those spiritual dark nights of the soul or something. That's a good thing actually. History shows it'll take me a day or three to hit bottom, but when I do, it'll be so deep that it'll bring me home to myself and God in a bid for soul survival.

And... it's just another day.

I hope you all are doing well.

Just because I'm an antisocial uncommunicative bonehead doesn't mean I don't want people to email me and tell me how they are by the way. I know. I'm selfish. I don't feel like being social, yet I miss all my friends, go figure.


Mark Turner said...

Hey, girlfriend! Good to get another post from ya.

Things have been bizarre for me, as you may know. UFOs buzzing one's house will do that. But life is good. I feel another psychic wave is cresting for me. I'm setting some time aside tomorrow for another string of RV practice.

Thanks for the tip on Joe's bday. I'll be sure to participate.

Also I'm happy to hear about your rediscovering music. I find my psychic abilities thrive when I'm turning off my mind and just letting my fingers play music. So refreshing to let an instrument do the talking for a change.

Nice hearing from you! Take care!


Diego said...

Hi there, TKR member conradbrean here. Nice to find this blog. I just experienced a very therapeutical experience watching the entire run of NBC's Heroes. I found myself in the role of the scientist who studies the mutants with superpowers, as I am after all, a researcher. You guys would be the Heroes! As far as being normal, I'm 26 and still trying.