Monday, June 05, 2006

It's OK, I'm Not Real

I was shortly into a session when something arrived that I felt, even at the time, had nothing to do with the session, but was simply... happening during it. Perhaps because that is the only time I am not busy, the only time I "could" experience something that I might need to.

I saw a young woman, early 20's maybe. She had dark hair pulled back neatly, and wore an old fashioned dress. She had a pleasant but serious face and was a bit plump. She seemed to be in an era I would associate with maybe a couple centuries ago. She was sitting in front of something I knew was called a "spinnet," as if I knew that from her somehow, but which I vaguely recalled ("from me") was some kind of keyboard instrument in a past era. She was sitting on a bench to the left of another person whom I think she was teaching.

She saw me. When we made eye contact, I gasped, "You're ME!" -- I totally understand that she and I might have different bodies and live in different times but we "overlap" in the soul. She heard me, but instantly closed off perception; like a psychic block. She turned quickly back to what she was doing.

I went up between she and the other person and stared at her. She kept her eyes firmly focused ahead of her. I went around to her left and tried to get her attention. She continued trying to ignore me. I could see her third eye. I have seen this before when I've been out of body, although to my knowledge at this moment I was quite "in" my body (though I confess I was listening to hemi-sync™ at the time, so who knows).

It is nothing like the eastern drawings of a tiny eye between the brows. Rather, it is literally a sphere or globe, a little bit smaller than a ball from a pool table, and it's placed as if the forehead goes through the middle of it, just slightly below the middle of the forehead. The sphere is a sort of "thick cohesive-light, an energy-ball" in motion, but there is a clear sense of it being an eye and of its focus, except that somehow the 'eye' when you see it, also seems to convey emotions and more.

The eye followed my movement, perfectly aware of me. But 'she' was now concentrating very hard on the playing of the person next to her, deliberately trying to block out any perception of me. I felt this was a literal experience of me in some other reality; I mean, I felt that somewhere and somewhen, that young woman existed and had the experience of psychically perceiving me but then trying not to. I suppose psi perception is frightening for most.

I knew this had no relation to my target. I don't know why it occurred. I wrote down what I could of it after the event and before feedback, but I didn't expect any relationship between them. I couldn't get any data after that at all. Every time I tried, I had major body-abreactions, violent muscle jerks that told me I was "shunting off" the information, rejecting the data via the nervous system. I sighed, and ended the session. Not surprisingly, the target had nothing whatever to do with it. (It was... a duck. On the bright side, the last time I got 'a duck' as a target, I had a whole underground-caverns, men in army khaki's, very frightening session experience, so who knows, maybe I just have something very psychologically weird about . . . ducks!)


I didn't look at anything but her closely at all. In fact that is something I noticed the last time something anything like this occurred, was a rather interesting focus where despite that someone is sitting in an environment, despite some 'awareness' of the environment, it is like there is no peripheral vision whatever, only whatever I am paying attention to.

The last time was a few weeks ago I suppose. (I thought I had blogged this, but I guess not.) I was in the middle of a session, and suddenly rather "experientially" found myself standing in a doorway and looking in a room at this man. (I had a vague overlay of a room at The Monroe Institute for some reason. Perhaps I was OBE without realizing and that's why, who knows.) He looked to be perhaps east Indian in race, though he seemed American to me. He was dressed well, casually yet the sort that says he has either money or good taste or both. He was sitting on a couch and he had something on his lap he was paying attention to, that very indirectly / abstractly I thought of as a book. His hair was well past his shoulders, curly, but gathered neatly in a single braid or pony behind his neck.

Suddenly it was as if my staring at him got his attention and he looked up and saw me. "You can SEE ME!" I blurted out in astonishment. He apparently could hear me too, since his response was nothing short of "agog" level astonishment then. I realized he'd been sitting there with something on his lap and as I flew over to beside him I said, "Oh man! Are you VIEWING?!" and I looked down at his lap to see what he had, and he slammed something shut suddenly, so I couldn't see, seeming almost frightened of my sudden invasion of his space.

Then I was just sitting there in my session. My sense was that I had unintentionally run into someone else, who knows what a connect might be, but it felt like this-world real-time.

I found it curious that I'd had an experience similar to this with a man who was of East Indian race before. I mean this kind of thing doesn't happen to me daily after all, and I live in Oklahoma where "east" Indian race is pretty much nonexistent, so it is not like they are on my mind, and two experiences with a fellow fitting the same description seems a bit unusual. The previous one was a few years ago on a target of some fundie televangelist who'd told his congregation if they sent enough money for what he wanted, he would go down this giant waterslide. The photo is of him doing so, and nothing else. I was doing an experimental method on that particular session, of image-streaming, which in my view is a fabulous warmup but lousy as an RV method (too imaginative visually).

In the middle of the session I had, like the one above, a sort of "break" that was a minor world-its-own. I was watching this man who seemed to be an American yet of east-Indian heritage. He was wearing nothing but blue swim trunks, and he was all wet. His hair was short though not "too" short, and curly. He was walking alongside the edge of a pool, that I sensed was large and that there were lots of people there; I even sensed that somewhere in the environ there were tiny tables, though I've never seen anything like that in a pool environment. Anyway but the only thing I saw visually was him, and as he was walking he suddenly looked left---I was in a position that I suppose would have been hovering over the pool water a few feet to his side---and he SAW me, I could both see and feel his reaction. Then I was back sitting there in my session, wondering if I'd hallucinated all that, wondering how psychic a guy would have to be, to be that aware even outside of a meditative state. I wondered if it had anything to do with the target. Although the target was a waterslide and those lead into pools, still I don't know that it was related at all.

Anyway. On the second event, the man sitting in the room, given his response, I had to giggle a little afterward. Somewhere, someone is really kinda paranoid now and it is All. My. Fault.

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