Sunday, July 09, 2006

Giant Mutant Sand Worms

No, but really....

So my "archetypal 'relationship' approach" to viewing had three good sessions. I did two more sessions on a target for daz's group.

The target turned out to be Chernobyl.

My FIRST session was on a high technology of metal with several rods or protrusions, situated in some kind of material I suspected was coolant as I couldn't lock on gas or fluid, which generated massive energy, was in an enclosed space, and was not good for human bodies. (Not an event, though, which was the task focus.)

My SECOND session was on these giant sandworms whose bodies are used for a manufacturing material by a people living inside the tubes of them underground. In fact, in retrospect, it looks like some massive AOL drive on the Mars tubes except I didn't think of the Mars tubes while doing it until the very end (when I had this visual of something on a track up high and made a connection to Ernest L. Norman's "The Truth About Mars" book which had something like that, and then all the other data seemed potentially similar if impossible, and at that point I decided I was offtarget and quit, so I'm not sure how that could have affected the session).

Go figure. And I felt guilty as I was s/b doing LD's task instead. Karma maybe, heh.

I was very tempted to only give them my first session, and I wish I had. The joy and tears is here.

So . . . was the second session a punishment. Was it on a completely different target, or the same place a million years later. Typical of aol-drive it was amazing how consistent it was LOL. Weirdly it ALSO had the tech but like a minor sidenote, like it wasn't the focus.

The experiences were incredible! I mean totally interactive! It was just like a good archetype med, sometimes even better. The arch would show up and do something, I would interact, and then I'd be having an entire "experience" like either seeing a movie or literally being in a 3-D world but like in astral form. I had a helluva lot of fun despite being, as I often joke, "Off on Mars," which actually in this case may be a hilarious pun. (No. I do not think Mars has giant sandworms. I just think I tuned into some bizarre science-fiction scenario.)

The only minor quirk I can see with my focus is that on the second session, rather than focusing on "the target tasked for the group right now" as I had the first time, I "called the part of me" that I had given to the archetype-target.

The first thing it told me was that how I had presented it, and kind of made it in my mind, that I wrote down previously, was wrong ("It wasn't a celtic knot") which was a rather odd way to say hello now that I think about it. Maybe that should have been a sign? I don't know.

The only refocussing I did was through the gold threads, rather than specifically on "the target I'm going to get feedback on for this session". Perhaps that's where I went wrong. Did I accidentally retask myself, if my definition of the threads was 'wrong' and that's what I was viewing-from?

Well, live and learn! Every day's a new day.

If nothing else it was a good exercise. I am getting better at allowing myself to be led, at allowing experiences and visuals to unfold.

The ironic thing is that the reason I chose daz's target is because I'd had several good sessions with the method and figured that based on probability alone, I was probably going to eat it really bad on something, so I wanted a human tasker to maybe help me a bit with something more interesting. Only after, did I realize I'd have to join the group for FB. Then he offered me private FB without that but alas, not till after I'd joined, and that would have been kind of rude to leave then! Anyway, so a part of me wonders if my "expectation that I was going to have a session way off," as like an ego-response to having done well previously, literally created that reality. Be careful what ya believe in, I guess.

Still. OK it may be totally off target but as far as session experience goes, I think this is one of my favorites. ;-)

Edited later to add:

OK, now here is an interesting, offbeat situation. Shortly after I gave my tasker (Daz in that case) my sessions, and he saw the entire session on 'giant mutant sand worms', he gave me "additional feedback" of sorts -- this blew the protocol completely out of the water of course -- an article that he had recently been reading and thinking with intrigue about, which suggested that the fallout of the Chernobyl meltdown (our target) had caused "mutation" in worms of the region. I am not making this up. So did I have that entire stunningly-vivid "interactive" session with the people living underground using giant mutant sandworms as primary survival material because my tasker was really thinking on this at the time I viewed, and associating it with the target he'd tasked? Or because I got information about it later? Or perhaps just because doing ok at RV isn't exciting enough so I need something really cosmic and weird to keep myself entertained? Who knows? But it hardly seems like coincidence.

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