Monday, August 21, 2006

Blog Karma

The other day, intending to change the style of the TKR webForum, I was really depressed, so for a day I made it totally grey. Freaked everybody out. I thought it was pretty darn funny personally but I guess humor is relative.

When I tried to log into this blog to write a post the other day, I discovered that Google has eaten Blogger. (This sounds like a book title for toddlers.) As fate and total lack of creativity would have it, my login for google and for blogger are identical. Imagine the confusion this causes, when they now have one login that checks both--starting with google.

They give you the "option" to "upgrade" but it's clear it's only optional for the next 10 minutes, so you might as well do it. When I attempted to say "no thanks," it led me in a circle back to the "Upgrade Now!" screen. After about 15 minutes I finally got in and posted the last entry.

Today I figured I would go ahead and upgrade. I saved my template so I could replace all my colors and images and so on, so the blog would look the same. This 'new' version allows tags which I thought would be useful. The interface tells you that you will lose your previous template changes, but you will be able to edit the new one. So I figure, how bad can it be?

Well, now you know. Dark blue with POLKA DOTS! I'm so embarrassed. I feel like I just got caught out by the cool group while wearing ankle-high plaid pants or something.

What the GoogleBloggerThing neglected to mention was that the ability to edit the html of your template, to change background and images, is "not quite yet available."

And to think, I had updated this total dork-squad theme to something that actually looked cool. Well, at some point, they will let me update the new version, and I will revert it to its former glory.

In the meantime, to petition of the gods of the blogosphere to have mercy on my web reputation, I added a vivid color background to the forum, and a little later I will shift the greys into creams/tans. I repent. I genuflect. I grovel. Please give me back my Red Cairo.

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