Thursday, August 10, 2006


There is a book called "The 8" by Katherine Neville which is a great novel. I bought it a zillion years ago when it came out and liked it so well I bought copies for several friends. One of the concepts that was sort of 'grafted on' to the larger (complex, but good) plot was that of people literally playing the role, unknowingly, of pieces in a chess game. Social and political and historical changes happening, and someone who... has a very long term outlook on things shall we say, manipulating little things here and there to bring about a combination of people and circumstance for a certain end.


The last week, perhaps in response to getting enough sleep for a whole 3 nights running a week ago, I've been working insanely. Trying to catch up during the day with a job that was really slow and then just as I got handed more work because it was slow, my normal work exploded. Then when I get off at night, I launch into trying to get some of the early Taskerbot (junior) features up inside TKR at the Dojo Psi.

I swear, web coding, testing, etc. is so insanely time consuming it's ridiculous. Only other webworkers really know what I'm talking about. Even when it's programming or design it's still essentially the tech-secretarial job that, like Grapenuts cereal, seems to breed and multiply while in your bowl, until eventually you're gasping, My God, I'm still not done! Will this ever end??.


I took a little break to do a quick session last night just in time for the task closing at Radical RV. Eh. Didn't go great, but I feel I kinda understood the feelings when I saw FB so I don't mind. Certainly better than the last one which was an interesting session though alas on a completely different target apparently lol.

On the recent task, I got a common personal symbol (a sense of something going straight up into the sky and it just keeps going, something intangible) for death yet "muted" somehow; more flowing and not as sharp (as dead bodies and death events normally come through). Wasn't sure what to make of it due to the difference. Sometimes frequency-based technology targets have some similar feelings as targets I've done on death and spirits and such (weird, eh? maybe that is reflecting us all being energy-information at base?).

I came 'down from' where the sense had gone up and got "A creative embroidery" and a sense like threads of energy weaving, or something like that, I nearly said strings and now wish I had. ;-) Then I had a similar but different sense I assumed was the same thing (it wasn't) which on FB looks/feels exactly like the bottom of the interesting tree in the FB. So on the bright side I can see in retrospect that when I intended to go downward I did quite literally go down to the ribbons tied to the tree and then just below them, can't get more down that that.

I had a repeated gut feeling that was pretty clear that I was intrigued to see FB on to figure out. It was very much a feeling of energy and yet I figured of something real. It was like at first everything was energetic, normal, and then there was this sort of surge where the ideogram started, and then a sense of it compressing, getting tighter, stretching out, and then finally into a totally flat line of frequency, I even used the term 'flatline' because I still had that sense of death somehow being involved. (I had this vague assoc with my husband laughing about a political situation, Castro is said to be 'very stable', kinda like how the French doctors reported that Arafat's "condition had stabilized"---once he was dead. LOL.)

Then I got some data, there's no FB but it's not the 'focus of the target' so it doesn't matter. Then I saw this Maltese Cross, and there were "radiance rays" coming from it like a thing of spirit. Except oddly, I got exactly that shape--- sans the radiance--- for the HAARP target, so now I associate it with tech! That was a bit confusing, but I went with the spiritual angle given the sense of glory. I had a sense/sketch of something that on FB I see WAS basically the ribbon material but I didn't record it well enough for that to be clear I think.

Then I got a sense of land, not just like 'dirt and grass' but literally "land" like where the heart is, and I felt that the actual land had something significant to do with the target or its nature. That was hard to articulate and I believe this was good data, but not real obvious; next time I'll know to try for more on that kind of data. And lastly, though this was also early on, I kept getting overlays of something like a heart rate monitor, I started to write down "or seismometer" but felt some AOL would screw up my data (...actually I think it was ok overlay given the origin of the target -- the event which THIS target event memorializes is 'intrinsic' to the target), and again that sense of normal energy> pulse/event> tiny really tight compressed frequency> flatline.

The target turned out to be a bit disappointing given my session LOL, it was all these ribbons tied around a tree as a memorial to the tsunami victims. So... aside from the visual of the tree bottom which I wrongly recorded as 'flowing over' (it looks like that!) and the ribbon which I badly recorded as compared to a sine wave and maybe, if we stretch just a little, the radiant maltese cross as some symbol of spiritual... my data has no application to the target focus. Some may seem to relate to what is intrinsic to the target focus (the tsanami and the deaths); I don't mind having data that relates to such things, I just don't really get credit for it. Ah well. The sorta pitiful session -- but great learning experience -- is here.

The current Radical RV task is from RV Sam and closes/FB 10pm Central this Sunday. Another opens tonight that I task. We are keeping this group small but still have a little room for those interested. If you apply, don't do it anonymously with email hidden ok. I want to know who is asking to join my small private group, though I welcome folks to uses aliases in the group if they wish. Yahoo doesn't have any way for me to communicate with an applicant to ask, if they don't have email available, so I have to just not approve it which I'm sure offends!


So I bet you're wondering why I mentioned The 8.

I was thinking last night, in the 14 seconds between climbing into bed and falling unconscious, about Remote Viewing. About group souls, as Seth puts it. About a higher self that may have more than just our identity and how our lives may be affected by the will/intent/motion of things from another level up. And of the idea of people being in a really big chess game that we haven't the longevity to observe.

Back in May of '95 I had a very weird repeated OBE experience with "a soldier in a graveyard" whom I felt "had died doing something very unusual, very 'mental' in some way." (Article here.) That spawned something different, and in October '95 I was finally able to pull to full conscious recollection a six month chronic series of what I call 'programmed dreams', and knew that because I'd finally done that I was free of them. (Article here.) Ironically, this involved mention of---I am not making this up---the CIA. The next day I heard about RV and was totally obsessed from then on. I'm sure the CIA connection is coincidence right? And RV's connection to a 'solder who died doing something unusual and mental' is coincidence too, right?

I just happened to meet several former stargate people (viewers, scientists, consultants) over the years. I just happened to become friends with some of them. (I often feel that meeting Joe (McM) has been one of the things that has made all the years of BS in the RV field worth it, simply because he and his wife are such exceptional human beings.) Yada yada, stuff just happens. In 1997 I nearly left the field but had literally a shamanic vision one night that kept me in the loop until mid-1998 when I left for four years.


So.... Out of all the people in the world and even this country who would love to have met all the people I have, in person and through other means, how come it was me who got to do it?

Of all the options and opportunities that there were only a few of and yet a zillion in line, how come they came to me?

I used to feel, in the old days around '97, like archiving everything was literally a spiritual duty, because I had this access to people and info that so many wanted to have and didn't.

Is it possible that my higher self fully intended for me to become involved with RV, and if things have gone well for me in it and I just happened to chance into a lot of people and info and so on, is it because, in part, it's a matter of 'True Will'?


Might it all be a big, cosmic-sized game of chess in the end. Where I am both a pawn and a Queen depending on what level you are looking at it from.

Where my reasons for a movement of interest, location etc. are not just what I think they are but actually exist on many different levels, for different reasons, just like how a dream can be symbolic of the body but also of psychology and also of spirit and also slightly precognitive about world events---all in one.

Maybe our lives are like that. Maybe my driving obsession with building online RV tools and community and archives and an infrastructure to help perpetuate it into the future and not lose the knowledge we have, relates to more than my intensity as a personality in general. Maybe my future is somehow tied into it. Maybe my higher self is placing me like a Bishop here, and then at some point I will be ready for his planned move that moves me elsewhere. Maybe we think of life as happenstance and daily events but really it's just a lack of perspective and being too close to it. From a distance, maybe it would be evident that it is all just...



Healey said...

Red Cairo, what does "The 8" refer to? A group that is pulling all the strings (moving the chess pieces), maybe?

What you wrote about The 8 seems similar to some ideas I'm acquainted with.


Healey said...

BTW, a question about Seth since you mentioned Seth in this post: Of all the Seth books, is there a certain one you would recommend to start with?

I have two of the Seth books, The "Unknown" Reality volumes 1 & 2. I bought these because I've heard you talk about Seth for four years now. I've had them for 2-1/2 years, but haven't read them yet. (I went on a shopping spree on eBay and purchased about 30 metaphysical-type books within a 2-3 week period, but I haven't read a lot of them yet - probably won't ever read some of them.)


RedCairo said...

Hi Healey,

The 8 had something to do with the book's plot. The book is kind of old, at least a decade or more. I don't remember the details now and I gave away my last copy eons ago. For people who like to read though, it's worth the time.

I've noticed people often seem to like best the Seth book that they read first and that applies to me too. I read The Nature of Personal Reality before anything else, and it's much bigger and well, more complex than many others, yet it's my fave. Some people say 'Seth Speaks' is shorter, simpler, and covers much of the same material but in digested form and so is better as an intro. I guess it just depends on what you like. Ask LD about this, he is in the middle of TNoPR right now.

Later I came to appreciate Jane's work (as distinct from Seth's) a great deal, and her books Adventures in Consciousness and Psychic Politics (both "Aspect Psychology" books -- the root of where I got "Aspect RV" from) are good stuff. Jane is a poet too and one of the few that I have really thought was exceptional in that regard. Although Seth was a part of her (or as he put it, SHE was a part of HIM), enough exposure to the writing of both of them makes differences clear, and I like her work at least as well as his.