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Hands-on "Energy" Work

The Changing Role of A Student, part 10

Some time before I met him, the doc had an acquaintance come by one of his classes to demonstrate some things he considered rather 'offbeat'. They were way out of his territory, but he liked the woman.

She was half Chinese, half Vietnamese, a rather unusual combination (given the cultures are not friendly). She was 100% American girl though (having arrived in a 'vietnam refugee boat' at age 13, she took to our culture and language like a duck to water. You'd never know she wasn't born here). She showed the people in the class how to use dowsing rods, how to do a proper blessing for food (an energy thing), and a few other minor things, and then said she would do what most folks call 'a healing' on someone who volunteered.

I was really not paying much attention to the video, sitting in my parents' living room house-sitting at the time, because, well, I had no interest in 'new age' stuff at the time. I had done some pretty intense study of alleged past-life regressions in hypnosis, but I didn't see that as related.

The minute she put her hands a couple inches above the crown of the person in the video -- which I didn't really even see the first time, as I was playing guitar and only peripherally listening to the video -- I felt the crown of my head get an intense "buzzing," that went deeply into my head and seemed to "fuzz out" to encircle my whole head. I felt sort of dizzy, but in a good way, in a warm-fuzzy way.

I stopped what I was doing and went, "Whoa!" I could see right away the timing of this had matched what was apparently going on with the screen. But at the same instant, a real "buzzing" -- electronic noise -- had begun on the videotape. So I thought, skeptically, maybe the buzzing had sort of caused it. I watched the rest of that part of the tape until it was over -- feeling as if everything she did to that person, I could physically feel.

Then I said out loud, "No WAY. No way! NO way." and I rewound the tape to the start and watched it again.

Six viewings later I was on the phone to the doc asking how I could contact this woman. It was just too weird for me and I had to know more. How could it be possible that I could physically feel the effects of whatever she was doing, when it was merely a videotape of her doing it a couple years before? Was I just hallucinating? Was it just a really bizarre side-effect from the audible buzzing on the tape?

He only had her address, so I wrote her a letter. Sent her my resume. Told her I didn't have much spare cash, but offered to do anything for her that I was capable of -- clean her house, do her taxes, mow her lawn, tell me what you need I said, and I can probably do it. Whatever you need -- in exchange for showing me whatever it is you were doing on that video.

When we finally met, it was in her home. We talked for awhile and then she said well, the best way to learn it is to experience it. She opened up a portable massage table and had me lay on it. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but I was interested. I was concerned about 'imagining' some effect and becoming one of the 'newAgerbils' as I called them, utterly mindless drama queens who'd believe anything. I tried to remain somewhat skeptical. Thanks to our talk first (no... she was not practicing hypnotic modalities and NLP on me; she knows little of that, and I could have taught on some of it, so I think I'd have known. ;-) She was just talking to me calmly, is all.) I was very relaxed.

I thought I felt something, maybe, at first, but I figured this could just be the warmth of the hands; the simple EM field that surrounds the body (simple, heh!), whatever. It was such a beautiful feeling though, a sort of buzz too nebulous to be a real physical buzz, and yet, it could be felt. Then she moved her hands over my forehead, and I could SEE this amazing, golden-motes-of-energy, like glowing grain of the tiniest form, "pouring" from her hands into my forehead. I was stunned. I didn't understand how I could "see" it so clearly when my eyes were open and not seeing THAT. It was like I had two kinds of vision operational at that moment. I said, "Wow! Wow!" and described it and she explained that was the forehead chakra, also called the Third Eye.

I knew about that peripherally. I'd been exposed to some of my step-grandmother's Eckankar religion. To be honest, I sided with The Fringes of Reason book which proclaimed it "The Stupidest Cult." Not to mention one of the more expensive, short of Scientology. Not that I ever told grandma that view, of course. But at least I'd heard of a chakra, from her, and from the far out Lobsang Rampa books she'd given me when I was maybe 18 or so. The whole-body energy work left me in an altered state that was utterly groovy.

When she was finished, I finally sat up on the end of the table, and looked at her and said flatly, "How much to teach me to do what you do."

She said, "If you're here, it's because you're meant to be here. Just come to class. Come to every class. I have four a week at night. Don't worry about the money."

Her classes covered everything you can imagine metaphysically, like metaphysics 101. My minor familiarity with many things in that genre is thanks to her. Another class had channeling, and still another had archetype meditations.

She was a helluva projector of what I strongly suspect is Delta, although that would be very unusual. She can knock out a house of wide awake people in 15 minutes flat; I've seen her do it repeatedly. Once when channeling, they put her hands out and said, "Feel this now." And I watched an entire room full of people -- about 20+ people, an overcrowded room, just off break, having eaten sugar and drank caffeine and some were still chatting and not even paying attention -- the entire room literally slid down walls, down couches and chairs, sat down in a slow graceful heap, and went unconscious. That was what I saw happening before I did as well.

If she weren't so averse to science, to 'skepticism' being directed at her, it'd sure be nice to see if that could be done in the lab. Anyway, her 'projection' ability could put a room of people into a pretty seriously altered state, which meant the meditation work we did was really astounding. Archetype work done in a conscious but deeply altered state is literally mind blowing and reality altering.

As it turns out, I not only did end up paying her for the classes, but for far more besides, as she became my friend and, somewhat paternally protective sort I am, I also ended up buying groceries and flowers and gifts regularly, as well as pies for the classes and so on. She became not only my teacher, but a close friend for some time. At one point, I lived on her couch for six months. Her kids were great. She completely "re-parented me," which since my mother had died when I was 9, and my father consistently married (he's been married 5 times) deeply troubled women he thought he could help/heal I guess, this was something I desperately needed.

When I met her, I was a cynic about nearly everything. I felt very alone I suppose; if she would offer me something I was prone to say, guardedly, "You don't owe me that." It makes me laugh now, to look back on it. She would say "Nobody has to OWE you to do nice things for you. And it does not make you indebted, to take a gift. You DESERVE good things solely because you exist. Let it in your life."

It wasn't easy, and it took awhile. We did a great deal of work together, and in the end, I was a different person when I left her instruction. I honestly don't believe I'd have a child right now if it hadn't been for her influence in my life adding back just enough maternal softness, with myself and the world at large, to make it possible. Many changes happened with each of us, and between us, but we are still close friends.

Every few years I fly her out to wherever I am living to visit me. She ordained me; she is a Bishop in our church, although I say 'church' loosely since this is more a 'Marian-sourced, feminine Ministry of healers' than a building with doctrines. I am still technically part of the church but mine is a quiet ministry, at best. I feel most of what I do in life is part of a "way" that is essentially a life-wide ministry of sorts. I don't feel like I qualify for the kind of preacher role that I grew up with in church, though. That's a whole different thing.

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