Sunday, April 15, 2007

Organizing Spirit

They say that Consciousness Is An Organizing Principle. Well I say that, or did in Bewilderness. Of course, Dr. Dean Radin said it in his book 'The Conscious Universe' too, but I suspect it means more coming from a scientist with data on it than someone talking about their weird experiences. Either way, the point is worth making: intent seems to 'organize' anything it's applied to.

Nearly 20 years ago, when I had 20 years less of stress and sleep deprivation and was much closer to human than whatever I am now, I chanced on the formal workings of archetype meditations. I first encountered this as 'self-willed shamanic journeys', then 'jungian archetype work' and then thanks to Edwin Steinbrecher's excellent work 'The Inner Guide Meditation', as simply 'archetype meditations' or 'archmeds' as I call them. There are other formats for similar work -- not identical but with much in common -- called Conscious Dreaming, Active Imagination, and things like that.

This should not be confused with visualization. It involves visualization as a tool -- much moreso when you are beginning and establishing it -- but that is not its scope. Once one learns how to do this, it is no more "deliberately imagined" than remote viewing is. (Which is to say it could be subconsciously but is not done so consciously at least.)

Doing these meditations well is a skill, no different than karate or remote viewing. There is a certain state of active-allowing, combined with a state of not-creating, combined with a state of alertness so one is interacting from the first person. Somewhat like RV it comprises a sort of "border territory" of brain-mind that has a percentage in two (or more) quite different areas, held simultaneously and interactively.

The more altered the state of mind, the more autonomous these tend to be. The better practiced or skilled the individual, the more autonomous these tend to be. The more often they are done with certain consistent framework elements (such as the 'inner space' one uses), the more autonomous these tend to be. Combine those three factors and you get a fully autonomous inner landscape and infinite cast of characters that can shock the heck outta you, surprise the snot out of you, terrify you, enlighten you, fascinate you, and in general make radical changes inside you... that can also reflect 'outside' you in major reality-changing ways.

The archmeds can lead to tantric workings, solo or not, and can lead off on another path to what I call 'reality meds', basically a somewhat ineffable ability to creatively interact with your reality of the moment using whatever creative inner elements work. For me that is geometries. No idea why. Sometimes it does involve elements I half-got spontaneously and half-visualized to fill in, like a big white lab where I get a holographic projection of some part of my inner body I can work on, microscopic areas blown up into rather disgusting looking projects I have to repair. Or like a central command center that has a couple different core machines that I can ask to plug a new idea or decision into and which sends it out through the nervous system in gold light to my entire body. But usually it's just geometries.

Archmeds -- and reality meds -- aren't a matter of visualization and faith. When they work, they are a matter of interaction as novel to you as having it with another person would be (sometimes moreso). When they work, you get feelings in your body including 'rushes' of various kinds when you merge with an arch or resolve something or implement something. There is no doubt physically that you are doing 'something'. Sometimes you can get energy so powerful it's nearly a kundalini experience. Sometimes it'll hit you so hard your body instantly starts stretching and you feel as if there is energy coursing through every nerve ending, your entire nervous system. Who cares whether this is only you or also guides or whatever explanatory label someone wants to put on it. They're amazing.


Long ago, I made spreadsheet lists of the meditations I needed to do. I covered the basics: the local planets as archetypes; several tarot symbols as archetypes; my mother, father, boss, car, money, lack of money, and then an endless list of "issues" that I felt I probably needed to address.

I got about halfway through the list, and that was the short list, when the avoidance kicked in. My psyche realized that change = death and decided the best way to avoid the radical changes I was constantly imposing was simply to be sure I "didn't get around to" meditating.

Kinda like... not getting around to viewing.

I was organized then. I had a plan. Always had a plan. Should a moment arrive when I did not have a plan, I would be frantically making one.

Having a kid seemed to obliterate past plans and eventually showed me that making much of any plan besides "I will be a slave to the needs of others" for the next 20 years was probably just a waste of time. I quit making plans.

Today I realized that my normal organization principle looks like it got wadded up and stuffed in the back of the sock drawer. My spiritual evolution feels like it is about as stalled as my 1986 Ford F-150 that has been sitting motionless in a parking spot across the street for like a year now. Evolution. Snort. What evolution? I dream of being a light being but for now, I'm a tree sloth.

I credit this dismal state of things mostly to not being organized.

(Right. Leave it to a Virgo to come up with a reason why the primary answer to personal spiritual evolution must involve making lists and categorizing things.)

I'm having a hard time making myself meditate on stuff I need to. Hell, I even have a hard time viewing, though now I'm required to do it daily for a project I'm in. It seems like something always comes up, time is so limited, and when I do have a little block ("oh look! 42 minutes of freedom!") well you know, I don't necessarily always feel like meditating or viewing at exactly that second, sheesh.

But miss the small windows of opportunity my schedule gives me and the chance may be past.

But who am I kidding. I can make a few minutes. 5. 10. 20. even 30. If and when I need to. If it was really important to me.

I think I need to make another list. Of archmeds. As well as including at least one session a day preferably more. And just commit to it. And just assume that no matter what is in my life, no matter how work is crazy making and overbusy, no matter how the kid has mommy-time nightly but always wants more, no matter that I do need to sleep... I think, if I set out a list of goals, and there was something due daily, and I committed to making it happen, that my meditations -- and hence, personal development -- might actually happen.

So I am organizing my spiritual work... as I feel possessed by an organizing spirit. I am going back to the more consciously aware, deliberately planning, constructionist I used to be, before just getting through the average day without incident, and getting more than 3 hours of sleep, was considered an accomplishment of its own.

This week I am dedicating to time. My first meditations are going to be on "time"... and my seeming lack of it. I figure it's about... time that I put a little more proactive effort into myself.

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