Thursday, April 19, 2007

You are feeling very sleepy

The Changing Role of A Student, part 4

Prior to developing my amazing skill at putting people to sleep with type (...), I got really into it in a different way: Hypnosis.

I was fascinated with the mind (and read all of J.B. Rhine's work as my library had quite a bit, but had no real opinion on parapsychology at the time). I read everything I could get my hands on, a surprising amount of which I got by a near stalking of secondhand bookstores and thriftstores. I borrowed every book in the state library system on the topic.

My imagination worked overtime. Why the hell had they gotten so far up to the 30's and then just... just... stopped? For the most part? How could that make sense?

A decade later, I went back to collect all the books I could find for my library, only to find they had disappeared. Literally. Aside from a variety of cheesy simplistic paperbacks, nearly every book had simply vanished. I couldn't understand it. Where did they go? Were they taken out of circulation in libraries, bought up in book searches, on purpose? Or was it only coincidence?

I considered this a mystery that was probably my imagination until I read Ingo Swann commenting on the same thing (decades later). It's funny what the world can know so well, and so publicly, and that can simply... gradually but consistently vanish from the public eye.

People don't know. They don't realize how easy it is for that to happen. How it can happen with Remote Viewing, and given the combination of disinformation and marketing misdirection about it so far, will, if it isn't fought for, if something doesn't far better establish it in a way that can't be media'd over, academically ignored and socially buried.

next up: part 5

Martial Arts... or not


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