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The Big RV Closet

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 28 February 2007

It's long been a bit of standing humor in the Remote Viewing field. You see, there's all these folks who allegedly would give "credence" to the various claims of public personalities, as soon as they appear (Real Soon Now). Or, who will help-redeem and demonstrate Remote Viewing itself, whether its methods or its numbers, by showing up just when we most need them.

Some refer to it as the Big RV Closet.

So every time someone referred to people -- seemingly legions of them, no less -- they had worked with in their insanely secret intell unit that wasn't of the projects now collectively called Star Gate, who would validate their sole and/or superior expertise, we were to understand that this was a reference to the Big RV Closet.

And, every time someone referred to their secret RV group who Real Soon Now was going to go public and change the world by showing 'em how it was done, we knew it was another link to the Big RV Closet.


Well, there are those of us who, no matter how gullible we might seem, have always rather hoped that the Big RV Closet was actually real. At the least, for the latter group of people: The "serious viewers working on their own privately."

Now I've run into a variety of groups over the last dozen years, and finding some that weren't cults or deluded or doing more to practice cold-reading and wishful-thinking than psi, has been easier said than done. But I am sure there are some. I pray there are some. Somewhere.

Knowing how many people have been trained in psi methods over the years, and how many have surely taught themselves, whether via videos or books or websites or whatever, it doesn't take a genius to observe that statistically, there just oughtta be more of us (doing more than talk) in the active "field" than there are.

So we hope, we hope A LOT, that a whole lot of other viewers we would surely relate to, are in fact in that Big RV Closet, and that one day they will come through for us, and prove to have been doing something useful all this time.

Not like RV doesn't have enough cargo cults as it is, but it's almost like we have another quiet one, too: all of us waiting for those secret people to come out of the dark and perform brilliantly at applications and help move the field forward someday... someday, they'll save RV from being quite so overwhelmed by lunatics and undersupported by hands-on viewing. Someday. Any Day Now.

While some of us were working the trenches to give RV a decent image for newbies and media, to welcome new people to something less insane than other options, to establish something longterm for the field, to build websites to help educate, archive and encourage information and, god forbid, actual viewing -- it is cheering to think that somewhere, someone not burdened with all that junk, folks who shrugged off the world at large to focus on themselves (a great idea many of us have certainly had more than once!), have just been viewing.

Please God. Let there be viewers.

Since they certainly aren't visible in any numbers, let them be in that Big RV Closet.


Following my post a few days ago (about The Invisible Majority -- or, the stupendous lack of people in the viewing field who are visibly viewing), I got quite a few emails. Well, a few were actually responding to a thread with similar content on TKR. I've had a few days to think about them, and I think I'd like to respond here, in general.

Some simply agreed with me, often with a lot more bite than I ever had about it!, so those I'll figure are covered.

A couple were from viewers I've known in the past who disappeared, for the most part. They told me, in essence, that they have each been working in a small private group for quite some time, that they are very serious about RV, and that they hope to come out of the closet eventually, and demonstrate what their work has brought them in skill. That is always cheering. It makes me feel relieved. Thanks for telling me. It does me no good and, at this time, RV no good, but it does give a shred of 'hope' that something might come of it. I appreciate that a lot.

Apparently, to varying degrees, they recognize that to those of us constantly facing the public, the slim-pickens of hands-on viewers working in-protocol in-public can be a little frustrating. Rather makes it seem like all the work put in -- and the number of hours we're talking about are pretty insane, over the years -- is nearly for nothing, if the result years later is a lack of increasing numbers.

I appreciate it when people care enough to say something. Even if it's just, "Hang in there. Everybody has their own part, we're working on ours, you're working on yours, and it'll all come together one day." Thanks for that.


In every subject of interest you'll find websites and more, created by people with a serious interest in the subject. It's human nature to want to support, in your own way, the larger subject, its field and people, and its information, especially when most of us waded through, directly or indirectly, a whole lot of information-chaos (if not outright mis/dis-information) to get to a better understanding.

It would be nice to think that our wading through the ridiculous BS this field has suffered over the years will, thanks to our efforts, educate more than just ourselves. It would be nice to think that as a result of such efforts, more people would learn about RV, more people would escape the anti-info about it out there, and the more people would eventually become decent viewers, good enough to handle applications, the one thing the field most needs.

But as we "move along," the years pass, and all the time, the lack of public viewing (in protocol I must add -- people viewing, even in the media, when someone standing a few feet from them knows the target, doesn't count, ok?!) -- it keeps coming back to focus again.

One person compared it to setting up tons of colleges specifically for engineering degrees, doing major publicity to get people into these engineering colleges, and from media to high school recruiting, making every biggest push toward getting people into engineering. And it works, and massive quantities of people go into engineering school. The tiny, underfunded, underactive engineering field waits with high hopes and excitement for that future. The population at large, with many folks interested, is encouraged for what this might bring to the people once they start graduating. And you do hear that lots of them did get degrees, tons of people.

But a dozen years later, there's still no engineers. There's no engineering going on anywhere that you see, except a couple independent efforts that already existed before that big drive to create engineers occurred. It would be perfectly reasonable for anybody -- especially someone truly interested in the field, and who cared deeply about its future -- to ask, "Where are all the engineers?!"


A couple folks had a different perspective.

I guess, if you do that in the same situation in RV, some people think you're "just trying to be political." I disagree. It doesn't take great emotion or angst to point out something you think is a problem. Cyclically, I gripe about this and move on. It's not like it dominates my life or something; it's just a super-obvious problem that anybody with a brain ought to be able to see, and only irrational denial would pretend isn't so. Even people I regularly debate about everything else will openly say the same thing; it's the one topic we agree on because it's the one thing that is the most painfully obvious in our field.

Why is it a big deal? Because applications is the #1 thing RV really needs. Everybody surely knows that. And applications requires viewers. Real viewers. Viewers who can work in a proper protocol. As long as the field continues to rake in millions for "training" related products and services, yet fails to result in publicly demonstrable viewers, this is going to be a problem. If people can't work in an apps group or in media, no problem; there are places online you can view in public. Every good session done in a proven protocol is a contribution to the larger field.

But a couple folks were really unhappy with me. It wasn't that the issue wasn't real. It was that I shouldn't have dared comment on it! Funny. Apparently we are supposed to let that gigantic a disconnect -from -reality keep happening, just as it has been happening for nearly a dozen years, and not notice, and not say anything. Like that Alcoholics Anonymous TV commercial that shows the bizarre dysfunctionality of the family: there is an elephant in the living room, and the kids are pretending not to see it; the mother is actually vacuuming around it; but nobody dares mentions it. You can bet, if one of those people said, "Hey! There's an elephant in the living room! What is wrong with this picture?!" that they would be the ones at fault for bringing it up. "Nobody else is complaining!" they might be told. "What difference does it make if there's an elephant taking up the entire living room? So what if you're one of the people in that room. What's it to you? What an ego you must have to think you have some right to complain!" Or, of course, "You're just trying to start a fight with the guy who let the elephant in! You're so negative! What's wrong with you?!" The idea that maybe the guy who let the elephant in should make some actual effort to do something about it, doesn't really get addressed, of course. That is the way of dysfunction. Family psychology dynamics don't just play out in families. They play out in any grouping of human beings, from the workplace to groups to whole 'fields' on the internet.

So in our engineering analogy, we are not supposed to go to the people promoting engineering in the media because they are selling it, we are not supposed to go to the engineering instructors at the college, we are not supposed to go to the groups or corps who provided the official engineering degrees, and ask them, "Excuse me... but where are all the engineers? Shouldn't we have a lot more bridges and buildings and stuff that would show us some sign of them? After all the time, the people, the money, the hype that have gone into creating all these tons and tons of engineers, doesn't it seem like at least the tiniest portion of them should be visible? Somewhere? Anywhere?"

Because you know, some people think such a thing would just be rude. How dare we question this. What incredible arrogance, to think that because we are IN the remote viewing field, that because we care about it, that because we care about its future, that we have some right to wonder, to ask that question.


Meanwhile, back in the closet, a grouchy murmuring comes from the dark. "You say there's no viewing visible in the field," they complain. "But here we are in the dark, and we're viewing! So you don't know! You don't know everything. You don't need to know. We are secret, but we're here, so why do you leave us out? You just assume only what you know of exists, apparently!"

Well gosh, that's sort of obvious isn't it? If something is invisible and unknown, there is no reason to 'assume' on it.

If Jane chooses to be secretive, and to hide in that Big RV Closet, doesn't participate publicly, doesn't view publicly, then NEWS FLASH: Jane is not "part of the field." What Jane's viewers are "part of" is the closet.

The idea of a 'field' of people is that in some way, they are interacting with each other, and they are contributing to a larger population and public-subject.

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to tell the whole public aspect of the RV subject to stuff it, and go live in a closet of my own, where all the time I had could be dedicated just to me. I don't knock anybody who chooses to work privately. I don't pretend I don't understand the why, sometimes. I don't invalidate them. I expect that this would be a norm in fact -- it's simply that after a dozen years, I would expect some of those private groups to have turned up in public finally!

I don't have anything to say about them at all usually, because why should I? They are not part of the RV field by their own choice, so they are simply not applicable to the subject until that changes. I cannot recognize them as "part of the field" until they actually choose to become part of the field. That is their decision, not mine.

It ought to be evident that if someone chooses to be 'secret and hidden', that it's pretty ludicrous for them to get mad at someone else for not knowing about them, or for not 'assuming' they exist when there is no visible evidence of it. If someone in the public field fails to include them and their allegedly brilliant secret viewing, for them to be offended they got left out -- well, I think that might actually be too stupid even to address, but I felt I should cover all the emails not just some.


Why should I assume legions of great viewers exist in the closet? What evidence might there be for that assumption? Some Pollyanna-like wishful thinking? I have some of that. Not quite enough to cover an entire field of assumption, though. At this point there's more evidence for fairies than serious in-protocol viewers.

Those of us who deal with the public daily, with new viewers daily, with the push for getting people into "hands-on viewing" and not just talking about it indefinitely, want to believe. We have the utmost hope for the future of RV. We have reason to care about the subject, about its future. We wouldn't be spending ridiculous amounts of our personal time, some for many, many years now, to promote and educate and inform and encourage remote viewing in the world, if we didn't care about it. Of course its future is important to us. Of course its severe shortage of "viewers in public" -- actually viewing, in protocol -- is going to be concerning. There would be something weird if it didn't concern us, if we didn't care.

It isn't about politics, or personal dislike, or X vs. Y vs. Z methods, or some unchecked egomaniacal personality disorder (great quote). It's really pretty simple. Anybody with a brain has got to recognize this lack of public viewers as a factual issue.

The difference seems to be whether or not people are "concerned about it."


Apparently, a couple folks think anybody concerned about it must have some overwrought personal problem causing this "observation of concern." Sure. Why am I not surprised. People doing jack for the larger field of RV have no reason to care. What's it to them? It's not their hours, their life, their free work, their efforts, put toward a positive outcome. In short, since they have so little vested in the subject, why should they care?

But in my view, there are some people including me, who would really like to take their ball and go home -- and focus solely on their personal aims. But when there is so much insanity reigning in the field, and such a limited number of sources supporting sanity, and an even more severely limited number of sources supporting hands-on viewer development -- it seems a lot more like abandonment than simply changing focus.

If there were more active viewers, if there were more people carrying the field, not by claims-and-sales but by actual viewing, it wouldn't feel like such a pitiful situation. It wouldn't feel so much like RV needs support, and defense, and constant pushing for hands-on work. It wouldn't feel like an obligation to sacrifice personal time and energy and sleep to support this online field because there is so little "real" available it seems like it's got to have someone helping. RV at large would feel like it had its own momentum and didn't need to be pushed uphill.

But that hasn't happened yet. And no, it doesn't count if it's happening in secret where it's not doing anything but them or their little clique any good. It won't count until it actually contributes to the overall field of RV.


For those who work in private and seriously intend to do something useful with that one day, more power to you. I totally support that. Here's hoping you can "come forward" prior to some bozo screwing with training students gets sued and ends up making half the field illegal with some overzealous follow-on legislation. Here's hoping you can come forward sooner rather than later and apply RV to any kind of applications.

I support ANY kind of hands-on RV done in protocol. (Since working out of protocol does more to harm RV than help it, as all our Comet-borne Pathogen-In-A-Can bad memories remind us.) I support any group, of any method, or any perspective on RV, that is doing actual hands-on RV in protocol, without it being some new mercenary sales effort geared to all the vulnerable newbies who want to be omniscient.

I would and will support that in any way I can.


For those who work in private and will probably never end up doing something constructive in public... I guess I just don't care. My priorities haven't shifted in a dozen years in RV, although my vision of what supports them have. I support RV. Real RV. Hands-on RV. Legitimate information, useful education, productive opportunities for people learning, and practical applications for the Art. People, groups, media, and information, either fit into that definition, or they do not. As long as they do not, they are off my radar. To the degree or "spots" where they do not, they are outside my interest. When those folks in the Big RV Closet choose to be useful to someone besides themselves, when they choose to become a part of "the field" in public, then we will all know of them, and they will not be "excluded" from blogging editorials or forum commentaries that rightfully assume their nonexistence.


We're still waiting for more than a handful of people to view in a public protocol. Especially those experts.

Twelve years now.

Ever the patient,

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reikime said...

How very sad!
I have been quite drawn to this field for years, have several books by different former Stargate veterans, and seriously considered contacting someone for help with a career change.
While I am a scientifically minded critical care RN, I am also a medical intuitive and reiki master/teacher who has worked with people from around the globe. I have plenty to fill my psi plate. However, I continue to be drawn to RV.

What's a person such as me to do? I worry that there are "teachers" out there who will be glad to take my money, give good instruction, then say " now go! View!"- and I have no job and no place to go with this new skill, no place to be PUBLIC, do some good with it.

Heck I don't even find any current articles or websites on this subject! No idea if anyone will ever see this post since the last date on this site is 2009!

Just felt compelled to put it out there anyway...