Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A little poem about RV hell.

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 30 March 2006

Of all the things in RV Hell
The one that I know far too well
Is when you have the chronic luck
For targets that just truly suck.

Joshua ranted of tasker dorks
After a target of "salad with fork"
And ranted in public (he really did)
After a mushroom-like white funky squid.

Can you blame him? Not for a minute.
It's not like trivia will make you learn faster.
It ain't rocket science. It's common sense isn't it??
Give me a brain and some eyes with my tasker.

We want it to matter. I want to care!
No more targets of mirrors, or air!
No more alien-sea-life-stuff.
If that limits the pool, that's just tough.

When I look at feedback and seriously now
I don't even know what it is with my EYES
Then WTF is expected and how?
If the session's confused it should be no surprise.

I'm weary of taking the time to view
(...which is hard enough to find for RV...)
To wander a session and try to relate
To something just torquing my psychology.

Royalty-free has no bearing on psi.
Trust me, stock photos need careful review.
I've nothing against some bison in field
But 14 perspectives on such? Mon dieu!

A rusting tool is an interesting target.
A closeup of 2.5 inches of it -- NOT!
It's hard enough for my brain to relate
Without adding bizarre perspectives to the lot.

Give me a target I can make a friend of.
Trivial or insipid? Don't task it! Have a heart.
I'm tired of wasting my time on the stupid.
At least most the targets make sense at TKR.

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