Thursday, March 06, 2008

New Techs and The Same Old Story

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 03 April 2006

Bob Lazar is apparently not talking about having worked on UFOs at Area 51 anymore. His current job seems a little more down to earth.

Skye (Mistress of the Cool Offbeat) writes:

George Knapp hosted Coast last night for Art Bell. He had on Bob Lazar, who was recently raided by a whole host of government agencies. They didn't say what they were looking for and he's been unable to get the search warrant info.

Much discussion about it really centering around his new car hydrogen kits. Not only can people convert their own cars, which continue to be able to burn gasoline too, but he's also going to sell a hydrogen producing kit, which you can run on a simple rooftop sun panel.

Ya think that might be something they want to bust him for?

You can tell the next phase will be very expensive cars which run on hydrogen and you have to purchase it at hydrogen stations. It will no doubt be illegal to make it yourself.

He has also developed a material for storing hydrogen -- the tough part of the entire program -- for which he has his own particle accelerator, which is illegal for anyone to run. Who oversees any kind of radiation-generating apparatus? The FDA. (Actually the FDA oversees lasers, the NRC has to be there when he runs the accelerator, at a rather costly fee.)

OK I admit, the area where I am most cynical about the government relates to 'new technologies', particularly anything that takes money from mega-corps (including the medical industry, agri-chem, etc.). I feel that our particular breed of capitalism has created corporatism, which has all kinds of side effects, including a clear difference between the government seeming to want (let alone pursue) what is good for the nation concerning technology, resources, etc., as opposed to what is good for maintaining solid control through the same agencies-corporations that already have it. I am conservative on economics, but that doesn't mean I'm for the Evil Empires; there's a difference.

People often wonder why we don't get off our dependency on foreign oil. Think about it. The government makes zillions (I've no idea of the real number) every DAY off 'import taxes' on oil. If we drill it here or don't need it, we implode from the sudden drop in cash flow.

So they don't do jack about Bob ranting about the alien spaceship he was allegedly hired to help reverse engineer, but they give him hell about his novelty new fuel tech?!

That's interesting...

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