Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Seeing Spots

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 23 February 2006

I don't know anybody who is wholly sane. Sanity is a subjective state measured against the norm. Which is the cultural average. Except it is far more accurate to say the pervading dominant cultural influence.

In general, in most of life, "most" people seem reasonably sane. But for some reason, in any field that relates to psi, the ratio of "reasonably sane" people takes a spiral nosedive and plummets toward some single digit average.

Not like most of us don't wonder about ourselves at times. Psi opens up a whole world of "alternative awareness."

To be fair, I grant that it's difficult to talk about something that our language does not have proper vocabulary for. And, it's difficult to relate to others when our culture does not have sufficient shared-experience-set for the discussion. As for the experience, it is difficult to adapt to the constant destabilizing effects of belief systems shattered by the self-forced exposure to in-protocol RV. All viewers deal with that, often in 'cycles'. Remote Viewing, even apart from the point of doing it, is a psychological challenge to keep up and a social challenge to communicate. I admit all of this.

I don't want people to have the idea that psychic work makes you crazy or anything stupid like that. It's just that there are so many totally freakin nutso people who insist on associating with remote viewing!!


They are usually the people who have the most problem with feedback.

  • They may insist on doing wide-scope taskings with often-iffy feedback (constantly, not just occasionally).

  • They may constantly be showing everybody how astoundingly omniscient they are except, of course, they won't do this in provable protocol (but their website can wow ya. Oh yeah dude... I really believe that...).

  • They may do web searches after every session feedback, to find a sufficient amount of info that their session can then "match."

  • In more extreme cases they will just go into some la-la free-association-land and the next thing you know, their data which seems to have nothing to do with the target, they're suggesting does relate because of {insert a 1973 Springsteen song lyric here}.

Don't blame RV. These people were crazy long before RV ever turned their last loose screw.

Granted, even people not insane do the above. I think of them as NewAgerbils -- happy little creatures who find enough joy in the Hamster Wheel of Life that "fascination" is enough... We Don't Need No Stinking Protocol! ... We Have Guru Geoff's GRV and The Force Is WITH Us!!... they don't drive for doubleblind, hard feedback, pushing the envelope, demanding more of themselves. Denial isn't totally sane, but it isn't THAT far-out-there, and most of us suffer denial in some area to some degree. It's a matter of degree, right?

Ironically, a lot of crazy people are pretty psychic. Chronic paranoia may contribute. I think that is interwoven with part of the problem, and is one of many reasons it isn't well addressed in our psych traditions (which means we semi-lobotomize with biochemical straightjackets like drugs, instead of seeking healing or at least adaptation).

But since some problems with need-for-control often accompany this, it's usually 20 seconds of being really impressively psychic followed by 15 minutes of profound AOL drive. So the shorter their sessions, often the better; and for godssakes never let them near the idea of 'analysis', since their need to be both 'right' and 'important' usually results in something memorable. That's where you get the highly intellectual borderlines like Ed Dames on late night radio ranting about cosmic sized paranoia (we're ALL gonna diiiiiiieeeee!) and messianic levels of self-importance (but they, OUR SAVIOR, thanks to cosmic powers of insight they alone hold the key to, can save us all!).

Usually, unless someone is doing damage to RV or people in a big way, I don't complain.

But damn it, is it SO MUCH TO ASK for just a FEW LESS wacko. obsessive. manipulative. borderline. psycho BONEHEADS mucking up the social spheres and public reputation of this subject?!?

Man! I TRY to be kind, patient, understanding. I really do. I have enough politics without starting new issues with new people who I don't feel like agreeing with let alone arguing with. But some nights, I get off work, it's a hard day, I go through stuff online if I can, and I just feel like hollering at someone,


There. I feel better now.

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