Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sessions & Misc.

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 09 April 2006

Sessions have had the coolest visuals lately.

I saw a guy, so intensely clearly that if I ran into him in Walmart next week I would recognize him (and I'm not good with faces, so that's really saying something). He was east indian ancestry it appeared, but an American I surmised. He was sitting on a firm couch with something on his lap he was writing on. He was well dressed, very cleancut, with back-length hair pulled back in a firm ponytail, which was curly. I watched him for a few moments, marveling at the clarity of it. It was just like 'being there' except there was no 'peripheral' vision, just him and the part of the couch and floor he occupied. Finally, from across the room I said, "Wow! I can SEE you!" -- and he looked up in astonishment!

Judging by the look on his face, I'd say he either saw me or saw something anyway, and obviously heard me. Then I had that sense he was actually remote viewing (of all things -- I mean, maybe that's not unusual I'd tune into him given that, but how many humans are likely to be viewing at the same time??), and I said, "Oh my god! Are you viewing?!" and went to his side (sorta flew-instantly) and looked down at what was on his lap. But he moved quickly, like in a fear-reaction, as if to snap close something or hide it -- and then I was staring at my session paper. I was thinking hmmn, I will know him if I meet him, I think that was real, and I don't think it has anything to do with the target.

Not the first time I've seen people in session (whether a target or something spontaneous), though sometimes I just sense-hear them when that kind of thing happens. If I think to ask for a name I usually get it but I was so delightedly-astonished I forgot to ask, damn it! Of course, somewhere, some innocent guy is probably thinking, YOU SEE? EVIL ALIEN GOVERNMENT MINIONS ARE SPYING ON ME! and it's all my fault.

In a diff session on a volcano two neat data format came across. The first was a sense of kundalini. I'd never thought of this before but when you consider it, volcanoes being the kundalini of the earth makes sense. The second was this very vivid (but I knew not-quite-literal) vision of a sort: there was some 'morpheous' (changing and not clearly defined shape at bottom, seeming fuzzy or liquidy or moving) shape at the bottom, and then something tall that went up high--I shallow-aol'd antenna, knife blade, etc. -- but then there were these great, totally round, lightning-type-EM energy bolts that went up it, one after the other. It looked just like something out of a science fiction movie, it was great.

Sometimes the session experience is worth more than the data. Heh. OK a lot of the time. Still...

A friend PEM'd me and pointed out that almost indirectly, in my post from the 7th I said something nice about Jonina and Glenn in the same paragraph. They were suggesting that this means hell has finally frozen over. Really all it means is that I recognize efforts in RV. I don't have to always agree with someone or even get along with them to see objectively that they are doing what they believe in and they're working hard at it.

I sometimes have the feeling that on some level we are really all in this together, and that when we die we're all going to realize that we were on the same team, and if we'd spent less time dissing or avoiding each other we all could have accomplished more. This reminds me of the time back in '97 or so when I was so pissed off about something in the RV field that I can't even remember now, I fell into OBE by accident and hunted down Courtney Brown to "share my perspective," aka just kick his butt. I was surprised at his spunk in fighting back, given that patronizingly soft little sotty voice he wears in the physical that always makes me want to punch him in the head every time I hear him on the radio. It ended up quite the Crowley-esque experience and by morning I was thinking that ever telling anybody would require instant ritual suicide for my honor, but now I think it's just an example of the fact that whatever we do, say, think, etc. on the surface, may not really be the whole story and there's probably a lot of spiritual stuff that means more, and is less petty, underneath.

I do still dream about Mars, I admit. But that's probably just an archetype. Not about RV...

Lately I've been practicing a little more energy rapport than usual. I sure do miss hands-on work. It feels like I'm living in a canyon here, metaphysically, and it's been so long since I did any regular eWork I can hardly even feel my chakras anymore, most the time.

Well it's time to get up. I'd rather stay in bed. Of course, in order to stay in bed, first you have to go to bed. I'm late. Gotta view first, so I can say I made time to do at least one session yesterday.

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