Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Oliphant (via Dor)

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 25 February 2006

In case I'm an idiot, my aspects have taken to spelling or speaking themselves clearly and then waking me up instantly so I don't forget. This is convenient, since sometimes... I am an idiot.

Last night was interesting. Dor apparently has accepted the pendant as an anchor, as he showed up and participated in my thoughts off and on for a bit. There is a certain state of mind and skill-process that I can see I need to work on developing. By that I mean it isn't just HIS job to share insight, it's also my job to learn to allow it, too.

I was dreaming about something I'm very worried about in life. Unfortunately I can't remember what it was. Anyway, an identity that is both an archetype and part of me said to me very clearly, Everything is going to be ok. And then to make sure I was clear on who/what part of me was telling me this, he spelled out his name in light and underlined it slowly and strongly in my attention so I could not miss it. He signed it: Oliphant. At the time I perceived this, it seemed very clear that this was both a name and a role, both part of me and part of the universe. It also felt like something very archetypal and I related it to a sense of 'occult', in terms of, identities I have read about or encountered with reference to occult studies. And I woke up THAT INSTANT he was finished with underlining the last letter, so that I would remember his message and who gave it to me.

Now if only I could remember what the message related to, I am sure that would help, ha. I did a web search but unfortunately, so many PEOPLE have that as a last name (including at least one occult writer) that I was unable to come up with any reference to possible documented identity. It doesn't really matter (it is real to me), I was just curious about where I might have seen/heard the term before.

I sank back into sleep for about an hour, and then came to the surface again. The rest of this is my notes from my journal that I wrote off and on from 3 to 5 am.

Oliphant, I thought. Somewhere, I have heard that term. Occult, I think. I thought of Tarot. There is the Heirophant in Tarot, I mused. But this is Oliphant, it was like both a name and a role inside me. And suddenly I thought: Tarot reflects the universe, reality. We reflect these (also). The cards of Tarot can be thought of as roles that we are divided up into inside ourselves -- we are a chess set, we are Tarot -- we are astrology's signs as well -- it is like just ways of grouping our universe-of-self ("I am divided for Love's sake, for the chance of union") -- my four elementals of soul is one way; I once grokked how when merged, we four were the Tree of Life in 3-D, the universe as I know it, the 10 Sephiroth -- So "Oliphant" is a real name + title + 'role' inside me.

But my Aspect RV, this can be done with Tarot or Astrological symbols as well. This must be why Steinbrecher was so open to both in his archetype work.

I feel Dor! This is Dor. He is facilitating each of these insights.

Iapetus. That is a moon. It occurs to me that the heavens are their own Tarot; their own chess set. There is a reason they play so strongly in early man's lore. So ... Iapetus, which is a mystery of sorts (it has a profoundly artificial looking 'seam' around it) -- if this is my culture's name for a heavenly body, this is also a valid 'Aspect' inside me.

I see. More Dor insight.

This is why Shakespeare's work is so eternal. The roles of his characters -- Othello, and others -- are well defined archetypes. Because he unconsciously matched a quality range of aspect-elements to flesh these out, subconsciously we recognize them.

Humor: Dor thinks "The Astrology Diet" might sell. Reminds me of Lu's idea of "Cats Gone Wild" and making that as a calendar.

The patterns of the universe show its meaning. Patterns in this case are apparent size, space, relationships, orbits and cycles. // Every molecule is like a mini-universe. ("This one has a sun, one planet and three moons.") // That temperature gage that Gallileo invented -- spheres of liquid floating in liquid, which by their float level and relationship show the temperature. It's an abstract (not close) analogy of this concept. // DNA, I have correlated before with my four elementals of soul. Remember how the circle squared the 'four primary' energy/colors were the 'technology' that 'beamed me' into bilocation? DNA is a form of technology when perceived within that framework. It is a fully functioning machine. Our species is simply not using it except at very rudimentary levels.

When I say Ry is "my universe" it has analogy space to be literal. We have our own cycles and relationship. We have a certain orbit (which) those cycles, if we tracked them, would make clear -- when we are closer or farther away from each other, when one seems to block the sun from another, when the proximity of a certain cyclical pattern point causes turbulence in one or both. [While typing this out it occurs to me this is why astrology works. We are not calculating behavior from orbits. We are calculating orbits from orbits.]

Planet X in history is like a lover that shakes up earth and then moves out of her life. This is a powerful archetype for humans to work with, moreso as it gets closer.

The inorganics love TV. They encourage us toward it. You know how in the movie The Matrix, humans were energy batteries, as long as their minds were occupied? Well, we are psychic-emotional batteries with TV! We are motionless, mostly expressionless, with all that energy generated inside us -- with nowhere to go. We easily succumb, then, to the lure of inorganics via daydreams or dreams, where we expend that energy just like a person spends money at a store. It becomes a feeding cycle if allowed.

(Thanks Dor.)


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I kept hearing the word Oliphant. I also did a google search, thats how I got here. Dont know what it means. I thought it was maybe a tarot card. Mostly I just get people with that as a last name. I also woke up the day before and heard them say Look at the time. It was 11:11. This happened several times a few years ago, right before my kundalini rose. What does this all mean? Maybe its on the rise again. Still dont know what Oliphant means.

PJ said...

Interesting! Years ago I posted about a bizarre thing where I saw 11:11 everywhere. This started in 1993 with me, shortly after a kundalini rising and clearly still in the throes of it. It's less common now but still happens, but it was overwhelming back then. Around 2000, Rhea White (of Exceptional Human Experiences Network) asked if I'd ever heard of anyone else having that and I said no, but I googled and it turned out it was huge and so common it was hilarious, had a whole field of superstition around it no less.

The only thing I relate that number to, is something else that started with me during that era and which I tend to go on about on my psiche blog ( a lot. Basically a sort of four-fold soul structure (I know it sounds very odd), each are one, we are 'two and two', and that number sort of represents it in a concept and visual sense. Also ties in somehow to DNA (two and two), I guess... I don't know, it's all very confusing!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe its Olyphant. As in Olyphant Pa. Which also has a giant Anchor at the start of town.