Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Tasker-Bear

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 07 March 2006

You never know what a control freak someone is until they start tasking remote viewing. Give a tasking role to the most gentle, good humored, laid back person you know and watch the morphic mutation begin. (Bring popcorn.)

A task is not just words about a target. It is a creative composition. Every tasker has hope for sessions done on their task. A tasking is like a painting, or a song. Even if the tasker dislikes it, don't you dare insult it. It's part of them.

And of course... whatever you do, for godssakes, don't mess up their feedback loop. Nothing will set off a tasker faster than someone else "interfering" with the intent-tasking-session-feedback cycle by interjecting additional feedback, opinions on the tasking, or whatever. It doesn't matter if your tasker has the gentle nature of Ghandi. They will morph into some science-fiction-themed Wrath of the Venusian Polar Bears monster if you screw with their viewers' cycle.

Trust me on this.

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