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I AM a "Universal Translator"

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 03 May 2007

"You get what you focus upon," the wise ones say.

The other day I decided to focus on what I really wanted to do with remote viewing. I sat down and I made myself a list. It looked like this:

Writing - fiction, as well as psi-related non-fiction
Taking in and Presenting projects for viewing (PM for Apps)
Arranging practice/development regimens for viewers
PMing software development for viewing/dowsing
Talking to police/investigators about viewing
Talking to the media and others about viewing
Managing protocol projects for predictive viewing

And yet, when I looked at the list afterward, all I could think was,

"There is no feeling of life in me when I read that. How dull."

A little on the 'viewing' and the 'writing' top items. Everything else just seemed rather like a boring shopping list of what I might expect, or intellectually want. It could have been a laundry or shopping list for all it sparked in me.

It just didn't MOVE me. And I felt like it should.

"What do I want to do with viewing?" I asked myself, wondering at my reaction.

"What drives me? Something obviously drives me after 12 years of obsession. What is it?"

I didn't know. I finally moved it to the back part of my brain and went on with my life.


A day or two later I was doing some ARV sessions (these are very short). I don't normally use archetype RV with these because 10-20 minutes of lead-in time for a 5 minute session seems a bit like overkill frankly. But I felt like it so I did with one of them. Mostly it was fun because of Inner Guide, or IG for short, whom I adore.

I finished the first session and began the archmed process for the second when it suddenly hit me.

I am a UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR. That is my path. That is what moves me. That is what drives me. Feeds me. Calls me. Loves me.

I don't want to "objectively know information." I know that is the cool thing. I know that is the hip "intelligence soldiers use this" approach. I know that is the 'controller' perspective.

But it isn't mine.

Screw objectivity. I want to share perception with the other.


Yes I know that "too much subjectivity can affect perception and bias communication". So hey, if I'm working for someone else maybe I'll take that into account. Maybe. Maybe there are benefits that make it worth it. But I don't view for other people anyway. I don't view for the cause of viewing. I view for me. For how it makes me feel inside.

I've shared 'awareness' with objects before. More than once. Even with a tornado in session. With other people, both spontaneously and in session. With a whole environ.

"Shared perception" is what I've dubbed an "Identity Interference Factor" or IIF for short (how I love acronyms): it is one of the experiential aspects of remote viewing that I consider most "destabilizing" in its side- and after- effects.


I probably shouldn't blog after watching 'Heroes' since it darkens my vision a bit. But I don't think it changes. It just brings out a part of me that is normally buried behind long-suffering optimism.

Conscious psi by nature is destabilizing. You cannot change the most fundamental belief systems about reality and have it be no big deal. Remote Viewing, just like psychic work and magical exploration since the dawn of time, leaves more lunacy in its path than any other notable effect. From the chronic paranoia that low-level effects seem to spark in people, to serious problems distinguishing truth and reality and identity.

We all thought RV would make us omniscient. Once upon a time. Yet almost nobody stays with it, statistically. And of those who do, a disproportionate number eventually demonstrate they are at least half mad. At least.

Identity Interference Factors rock the boat of sanity. On the bright side, most people are more spared by their lack of serious talent than the lack of conscious psi's real results.

I believe I can.... 'adapt'. Will I be the same person after deliberately seeking out archetypal-level connection with all my targets? No. I am not the same after every target I do. I believe I have a guiding principle, in Inner Guide, in Archangel Michael, in intent, that will shape what I call me for the better over time.

Everyone changes. Some just change more quickly, and more profoundly, than others.


Identity. Perspective. A shift in perspective is the one thing that is most deeply rooted in me, even in experiences long prior to ever hearing of RV. That novelty rocks my world, feeds my soul, and gives me a kind of primal, soul-centered excitement that is almost too much to bear.... and ineffable.

That's what drives me. That's what I love the most. That's what I crave when I start really viewing consistently. That's what wakes the fire inside me.

I want to merge. I want to share perspective. I want to feel it inside me. It's sex of the spirit. It's recognizing and validating the parts of my innermost self, my energy that ARE what I perceive as a reflection in my outside world.


So I was right. My list was boring. It didn't have "me" in it. It didn't have the core of energy that pulls me to viewing like an astral love affair. It was just plans, and logic, and words on paper. That isn't what RV is to me.

For a dozen years I've shied away from viewing when I started getting deep. I've run from the time it demands, from the obsession and "driven" qualities that I always have but it seems to invoke at deeper levels, and from the severe lack of giving-a-damn that it always brought for my interest in helping others and the field at large. I've been more good to RV while barely viewing, I have felt.

Maybe I don't care so much anymore. I'm coming around to a change in that perspective. In that interest in much beyond my own development. Maybe it's the slight shifts that every target, touched that way, recognized as my inside, brings. Sometimes I think I am becoming something. A Me+, perhaps. It still feels like me. I still call it me. But it's not the me I was yesterday or will be tomorrow. And maybe everybody has that experience. Maybe I'm the one who, because of my interest in 'perspective' and 'identity', notices it.


Long ago, Jung worked with archetypes. Scared the hell out of himself. Stated, and quite rightly, that it was so powerful it was literally dangerous. But since then, the 'Inner Guide' model came along. And that has always worked perfectly for me for archetype work. Even powerful, soul-shaking, mind-blowing experiences as sometimes occur during archetype work.

I use inner guide in sessions, with Archetype RV. And when I'm done I have him separate us. I keep my memory. I keep the slightly-larger me that results. I keep the feel, the taste, of the target. But I feel the separation, the slightly smaller-ness, when IG un-weaves us.

And that's why I'm here. I didn't know it until then. It all sort of hit me in a ROTE as Bob Monroe used to call them, like a huge realization, a whole ball of interrelated thought that "opens up and rolls out inside you".

This is my motive.

This is who I am. I AM... everything.

A psychic library card. A universal translator.

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