Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sea Monster: Giant Squid

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 13 March 2006

This week's TKR Mission was that fabulous GIANT SQUID the Japanese researchers found. That thing is amazing.

Check out the sessions in the RV Galleries > Missions at TKR:

I viewed on this one. I don't do very many of them, mostly because between time demands and often having to be in the backend to work on stuff, either I don't get to it or I see the target so then I can't view on it. When I start viewing more regularly, I move at least a little past the chronic aol-drive phase. But when I only view once in awhile, damn I sure suffer it more than usual, and often have to try and surgically extract the data in reverse. Although annoying, I consider this as much a good exercise as anything, since sometimes that's going to happen, so learning to compensate is useful. Still. It IS annoying.

As a result I have taken to -- in humor -- nicknaming my sessions by the hilarious combination of AOLs that they contain. It doesn't matter if the session is totally accurate data or lousy, they still get the humor handle of their dominant overlays. This week's session I call the Martian Blood Vessel session.

I had time to do a summary self-evaluation (that is psi too, it is just kind of like a second session done on the first session), so as usual that ends up better (more succinct/larger % accurate or at least not-inaccurate) than the long gory detail.

I've been experimenting lately. Along with Aspects and Archetypes, I have thought it would be interesting to do sessions with a focus 'through' a given chakra, or body area. I figured if I did it occasionally, over time, I could go back later and see if some areas were more or less accurate, had certain 'types' of data vs. other types, brought data 'through' in a diff way, etc. I figure this might actually be an accidental insight into how I relate to myself as well.

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