Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Talk About Gray Hair

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 27 March 2006

John Lilly was nowhere to be found. I didn't see any dolphins, either. I had not taken any drug. (Not like this has ever been required for me to have weird dreams and weirder conscious "anomalous" experiences, of course.) And despite my love of computers, the Solid State Entities were not telling me their plans for gradually taking over our reality. All in all, it was a normal night with fairly normal dreams.

Except it was this dream I've had more than once, back again lately in syndicated reruns. Oh brother. I never know if this means it's just some archetypal symbol recurring, something real still going on, something 'astral' I am interpreting in an analogy, or some run of the mill psychological garbage resulting from insufficient sleep and forgetting to feed the cat... or whatever.

In the dream, I am watching a person (just 'a' person) who seems like they are operating normally except somehow I 'know' that this is not how they would 'really' operate if they were not under the influence of someone. But I can't see any sign of anybody else. And they seem really oblivious to this influence.

I call that in-sanity, and when we're talking together we're in out-sanity. And you should never try to express all of your in-sanity in the out-sanity, or they'll lock you up. --John Lilly

Then there'll be this closeup, and I am looking at their scalp. In their hair are these little tiny gray hairs, except they are real short, just barely sticking out of the scalp, and they blend in with all the other hair and aren't noticeable. And something about them draws my attention and then I realize that they are not hairs, they are wires, they are just incredibly thin like a strong but soft hair.

That's all. Then I wake up. And of course when I do, I think of the autobiography of Dr. John Lilly, the famous scientist who according to his book, developed a rudimentary form of mind control using small wires implanted directly through the scalp into regions of the brain. This was many decades ago. The government was nuts about the idea and he was promptly excluded from meetings about his own research by military; he didn't have the 'clearance'.

He moved on to dolphins, as they have bigger brains (and don't have to sign consent waivers!). But in doing so he discovered/decided that dolphins were actually more intelligent than we are, just in a different way, and many other things. Here's an OMNI interview and a Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove interview with Dr. Lilly where he talks about the entities, the dolphins, "Vitamin K", multiple realities and some of the brain research.

When something occurs with me I don't understand, my coping mechanism is always to attempt to put it in a "framework" of a psychological case study. That way, everything can be "interesting" and it does not matter what something 'is', whether it is factual or hallucination or misinterpretation, what it means, etc. It's like an artistic foreign movie: you just watch it and, since you don't understand all of it, you simply accept whatever it seems to be, without making many assumptions.

So I'm asking myself, what would sponsor me having several dreams very specific to this? OK... I am 40... now and then, I get a gray hair. But these do not seem correlated with my noticing them so I don't really think that is related. Probably just some mild paranoia? neurosis? astral-suspicion? -- doing the hula through my nightly meanderings. But why. Sheesh.

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