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Archived from the former firedocs blog. 05 May 2007

I went to see the movie "NEXT" tonight. The story is about a man (Nick Cage) who can see the future. But only 2 minutes into the future. He's had the ability his whole life and is extremely deft with its use... while he works as a stage magician at a small casino in Vegas. Worth seeing. Action film, of course!

The last couple days I've really been focusing on viewing and "thinking" in the model of viewing. Working on integrating what I am doing. The archetype approach to RV puts a bit of a different slant on the mental model of it all. It's much more of a "relationship" -- with the target; and because the target is part of me, because everything is, with myself.

I had three pretty decent sessions in the latest model (see the myPsiche blog for notes on the protocol). And then I did a fourth that had a rather unusual outcome.


The first thing to note is that the session, compared to feedback, has nothing to do with it. At least, unless there is some kind of odd fish-like creature being mined (on a very small scale) on Ganymede and we don't know about it, which is assuming quite a lot, suffice to say my session was simply off-target. The focus of feedback was it in space of course, so I believe that should have been my viewing perspective. Instead I had some tiny group of people 'visiting' solely for the purpose of catching some kind of bizarre heavy flattish fish through ice. Oh well.

I keep the target woven with me during feedback and my notes, and when I saw the feedback, which looks like a dead grey moon, I sighed. I explained to the target, in my head, that obviously we were both wrong, because look here, this should have been the target and perspective.


The target archetype, however, disagreed.

Now, I've sometimes had targets during session interact with me. I've had archetypes and aspects interact with me. But this is the first time I've ever had a target archetype actually communicate with me somewhat directly -- let alone AFTER the session. And argue!

It's not too hard to figure out why it never happened before: first, although I began doing archmeds prior to session eons ago, I never before had a mental model that had this "interwoven me + target- archetype" model before, so that the target could communicate with me (as opposed to me just getting impressions from it during session).

Secondly, I didn't until now have a model where I kept that weave together during feedback and notes, before asking inner-guide to de-weave us.

The archetype, just like any other archetype in a meditation except this was more real-time real-world, conveyed something that I translated as, "a big hunk of dead rock does not accurately summarize me." He actually seemed slightly put out! Not an emotion, just... well it's too subtly ineffable to put into words I guess.

My curiosity was piqued. I felt the archetype wanted to go back into our session model where I let it show me what IT thinks is important to communicate. Yet the session was over. I already had feedback. Anything after that point would just seem like imagination frankly.

But this kind of communication isn't one-way. It's not a superior, controller kind of thing. It's a mutual friendship. It's a teamwork relationship. So, I was game. I figured, I missed the target obviously, it's already a write-off, this is just experience for fun. Bring it on babe! I just sat back and closed my eyes and literally grinned with the humor of it all.

A big ocean wave crashed down nearly upon me, and then went past, as if I were virtually right beside it. Water everywhere. Swells of the water everywhere, and another wave building. Whoaaaaaa.... I said out loud, opening my eyes and leaning forward a little. That was terrific! Certainly way more "you are here" than any of the session, for sure.

I leaned back and closed my eyes again, and as my head bumped the wall a bit, I felt as if it bumped something hard -- and I was lying on my back on something hard, looking up at the sky, surrounded by water, water literally everywhere as far as the eye could see. The sky was grey. The water didn't have any particular color that I noticed either, at least not from the angle I was seeing it. No, I didn't see any fish, no birds, no people, no typical ocean scene data -- but definitely more than enough ocean, and tidal pull on it, clearly.

So.... obviously, you are telling me that you have ocean, I said to the target archetype. That's terrific. Then I found myself 'flying over' something. It was land, but... well not like anything I've seen before. Imagine, ok, that you are over a really huge system of canyons. Now imagine that the canyons are unusually... well, somewhat more parallel than they normally here, and of dark rock. "I want to go down there," I said to the arch, and my perspective went down, down, really deep, to the bottom of this unbelievably deep canyon. I just stood there at the bottom, looking up, utterly marveling at the sheer enormity of it.

I opened my eyes and changed position. If my RV were that experiential you couldn't keep me from it nearly every waking hour. Well, sometimes it is -- but not often, for sure that it is in the minority. What is this, I asked myself? This is imagination? Look at the picture. It's a moon. It's dead. And yet...

At that moment, I was having a 'mutual experience of equals' with the target, summarized energetically as the archetype. At this point, I didn't just feel humor and good natured willingness. I felt love. I imagined blending warm golden energy into the archetype. You are so beautiful, I told it. Not the tale of someone moved by a visual. The heartfelt gushing of someone whose love for someone makes them beautiful. I felt nearly overwhelmed. Ganymede had ceased to be a target or an archetype to me and had become a legitimate entity in its own right. And I was in love with it.

I sat staring into space for a little bit.

I wanted more feedback. Not because I wanted to see if my experiences were possible. At that moment, it would not have mattered if there was a planetary survey as detailed as Google Earth of the thing contradicting me; I felt I'd just had a personal conversation with the planet-as-identity itself and I wasn't in doubt about it. I just wanted to know more about it, the way you would want to know more about a person you met and were crazy about.

Of course, I told myself, this is blowing protocol.

"You already wrote it off as a totally missed target," part of me thought drily. "How much worse can it get?"

I decided my previous three sessions were solid and factual enough that on this one, I would sacrifice it and do something I so rarely do: go get additional feedback. I wanted to know more than a picture of a moon from space. Anything. So I google'd it: Ganymede. I went to the first link that seemed a science site.

There were several pictures, a couple animations, a supershort video, an audio recording of some frequencies, etc. I looked at a couple of pictures. Yep, the same 'dead moon' as we see pictures of from our own. I feel the target, woven in with me still. Observing my feelings, and what I observe. I look at another photo, this of a rather bizarre sort of dark striped terrain. I realize: That must be the canyons. and I feel the target's interest. And suddenly, it hits me, and I'm so astonished --

-- I had thought of the target showing me itself. I had thought of sharing with the target the process. I had thought of all kinds of things. But I had never once thought of me showing the target how my people perceive it. I had thought of translating from the target into my perspective. Never of translating from my perspective FOR the target! For some reason I was kind of blown away by the concept. Like the whole viewing process but in reverse!

I very slowly viewed the next picture. Got the big resolution one. Slowly scrolled, to show the whole thing. Feeling as if I had become exactly the "universal translator" or "psychic library card" that I had previously referred to: where the target, acting like a remote viewer, perceived its target, which was how-we-perceived-it in our reality. I felt like I was taking it on a sort of tour. I was a tour guide of how earth people perceive it. I got kind of anthropomorphic then to be honest. I quietly said out loud the various text notes, as if to bring them more fully into me so it could grok them, and I really focused on all the information so the transfer would be as clear as possible.

The stats on Ganymede were surprising. It's nearly 2.5x the size of earth. It has a small magnetosphere and it appears to have even a very small possibly oxygen atmosphere, though this is still theory. In fact it has everything that would qualify it as a planet, except that it orbits jupiter instead of the sun.

It is said to be greatly covered by water-ice. I don't know if this means it could have oceans, or only ice. I'm here to tell you that experientially, I think it has at least one genuine, definitely liquid-form ocean. But the only feedback I have says the planet is covered with ice. Which means the feedback contradicts my experience.

Being the logical, careful about protocol, practical kind of viewer I am...

...I choose to believe my experience over any amount of feedback. HA HA HA.

And wouldn't you know, out of that four session block, three of which were good, one of which was excellent, the experience that would move me most would be the one that was NOT remote viewing and had no feedback. Sigh! Is that predictable or what? Oh brother.

Back to practical things now.


Anonymous said...

It's nearly 2.5x the size of earth. ??????

2 times the size of earth MOON.

It has a diameter of 5,268 km (3,273 mi)

PJ said...

Oops! My bad. Thank you!