Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Constructing Faith

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 12 September 2005

We are lost without it.

Reality holds a catch-22 of the most profound sort. I look at the world around me and see grim despair, corruption and conspiracy. It seems like the scope of the negative is so vast that one can't, even by the most optimistic standards, find any reason for hope. The whole of reality sometimes seems an endless tunnel . . . and someone clearly already blocked up the other side, so we aren't ever gonna see light from that direction. How can I hope?

Wake up! That's what faith is for. When there is reason for hope, we don't need faith---we have reason, after all.

Faith is both a construction material and a dynamic. Faith itself can create new tunnels and shift circumstance toward finding a light at the end of one we're in. With faith, we see paths we might never have seen otherwise. It is the ultimate "management perspective on reality."

I had a sense that the monks, nuns etc. who pray continually and work to "hold and anchor" faith and such in our world, are critically important, and we have no idea what our consensus reality might be like without that. (I wonder if this "insight" is a side-effect of the dream with the nuns?)

Faith is like being happy: it takes work. It doesn't just fall on you out of the sky. You can't buy it, and it doesn't have anything to do with circumstance. It seems a talent in some, although that has more to do with their innate connection to God/Self. It is a genuine skill, and one critical for development in times like these. Anybody can develop it; but it takes work: It takes asking for help. If you're confused, try "To Whom it May Concern." The human ignorance about God and the confusion over which pretty label to use only confuses humans... it does not confuse the myriad identities ready to help if asked. There is no point to moaning a lack of hope. Hope is directly tied to faith, and faith is directly tied to God. Ask for it.

The world isn't going to get prettier. We were warned about this ahead of time. Why do we act surprised? Why do we sit and moan like victims? "Oh, the world's so bad! Things are so dark! People are so corrupt! Waaaaaa!" Oh get over that! It is TIME for the people capable of holding faith in God, in love, in positive things, to begin doing so!

Michael and others of God are anchored in personalities all over this planet. Some of the most unlikely and unsuspecting people have immense inner strength---some born of experiences of this world, but known by their soul before their entry, and accepted so they would have the strength to live during these "interesting" times. It's not enough to survive here in body. You are here during this time for a reason, and it is your spiritual duty to figure it out. When did it become "uncool" to pray?! Have the maturity, courage and fortitude to find who you are and be that potential.

Build your faith like a bridge you construct one prayer at a time. Ten seconds of prayer, a few times a day. Would 5-10 minutes total time invested per week be too much? How much is really being asked of you here? You have the potential. Step up to your responsibilities already.

Michael is calling and I just can't shut up on his behalf! My God. Literally. I think I am actually getting openly spiritual.

My conscious mind is flipping out, observing this. But my inner self feels totally calm, bemused at my mind's response, and... well, and I sure have a lot more faith than I did a week ago.

Michael has come through for me again. I asked once... a dozen years ago. When I had no faith, little optimism. When the shadows of the fear and violence that ruled most of my life hung over me like dark curtains I would never find my way through. And he brought me out of it just for the asking. And I swore I would not forget. Yet, in late '95, my whole "awareness" started just "going under"... I am coming to believe I was deliberately hidden, to keep me out of the limelight of certain entities. I let everything go in my oblivion. And I lost the thread... I lost the beat.

Recently, I asked for it back. I worked to have faith that "faith" itself would happen. And it has. Everything is just.... okay. The world is happening as it will, and on the surface it's going to be worse, but it's OK. Everything is going to be alright eventually. There is more at stake here than governments and bodies. There are levels of commitment and loss that we can't even begin to conceptualize.

I AM of MICHAEL, I said on a little graphic I made yesterday. Going public with the Faith.

We have faith each according to his willingness to ask for it, allow it, and hold it. Cynicism is not cool; it's pathetic. Ask for faith. Stand up and be counted. Be part of the spiritual solution here. It sure beats the alternative.

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