Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Vallee has a website!

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 14 March 2006

Hey, Dr. Jacques Vallee has a website now. He's my favorite UFOlogy-related researcher, which I grant may be more because coincidentally we agree in so many areas than because of his profound wisdom or my excellent taste. Still he is the kind of mind I desperately wish more people in UFOlogy (or remote viewing!) actually had. Thanks go to Tunde who posted this old interview at TKR that led me to it.

In the modern world, I think Vallee may be the only guy I feel like a genuine "fan" of. It's embarrassing, really, since that's a layer of separation from anybody, and I am normally not the fan type (is there such a personality?). I don't know him and I respect him greatly. Perhaps it's in part because after my "anomalous personal experiences," some of which I recounted in the case study Bewilderness, I was working overtime for hanging on to my own sanity, working through my own theories regarding so-called alien and entity experiences, and he was like finally stumbling on water in the desert just after you'd given up. I knew what it looked like... I'd spec'd out some of it myself... but he was finally, thank someone if not God, the real deal: a researcher who was genuinely interested yet had no personal paradigm pushing an 'angle'.

I didn't read anything about alien-related stuff during my experiences, initially because I thought all that stuff was nuts and I thought my own experiences were just some really bizarre psychology that I found interesting, if scary, but hoped would pass. I was more inclined to think I had weird dreams and hallucinations and multiple personality disorder, than that I'd been 'abducted' (a word which carries a lot of baggage, and I don't think it's always appropriate). Later I was afraid to influence myself, since self-validation was the most complicated area of my psychology to deal with. When I finally gave in and started reading, just once in awhile, I wished that I had read his stuff sooner.

I recommend anybody interested in the subject check out his books, he has many, search on his name at Amazon. He also has an autobiographical book called Heart of the Internet, about his history with the computer science field, which is very interesting, to me as much for its view on the cultism surround "est" as for the computer angle (since a lot of the same cultism is prevalent in Scientology and Remote Viewing, and yes I apologize for using those terms in the same sentence).

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