Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Weather Map of Terror

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 01 December 2005

I don't just dream in color, I dream in multimedia.

A map of the USA was shown me. Starting at NW, a light swooshing-shape began to travel downward, and curved around the bottom, across the lower continent, and up the right side to the NE. My sense was that this was something natural. Weather, magnetics, I'm not sure, but something native to the planet.

Then it was shown me again, and starting at the NW around WA, a dark-shaded area suddenly showed up as the pattern reached a certain place, and at the same time, a bell went *ding!* I recognized this as the site of a terrorist attack which had previously happened (in the dream's-world). The swooshing motion-shape continued on its path, and when it reached the area of N CA or so, another *ding!* occurred and a big shaded area appeared; it was very large, these shaded areas, they were "the overall areas affected," not just the place something happened.

The pattern continued from there and down by mid-Southern CA another *ding!* and a really big shaded area popped in and it spread a bit above and below and to the sides (suggesting that although it happened in one place, it had a big effect on a wide region around). The natural pattern turned and flowed along the bottom area of the continent, with another *ding!* sound and a big shaded area filled much of Texas and spread out on each side. Again, I understood that there was only one small focus area but I was being shown what amount to the "primary social and economic impact areas" in this map-shading example. The pattern continued and near the bottom right, not sure precisely where, another *ding!* and another shaded area popped up.

At this point there was a thick, nearly solid (irregularly shaped/wavy) shading from NW Canadian border all the way 'swooping down and around' to just above the top of FL or so. The 'natural' pattern continued up the right but there were no more of the dings or shading, and the pattern finished its route up to the NE Canadian border without event and stopped.

I realized that I was watching a Flash web presentation and that what was being shown me was that there was a sort of pattern in where the major terrorist events had happened--and, in where they would happen, as well, which was seen by 'what was left' of the pattern it was following.

I had this huge emotional response, a sort of horrified joy that someone had "figured out the pattern" of the attacks, and then a sort of horrified dread, realizing that there were more attacks to come which would affect the East coast. In the dream there was a sense that despite all that had already happened, I realized I had been living in the denial-hope that maybe there would be no more. This made me realize there would be more such events, and I had horror and grieving and fear and anger and astonishment all at the same time.

The emotion of the dream was incredibly powerful. In the dream I started yelling for Lu to come quickly and to see what I'd found, and I was so upset I half woke myself up, and then noise from outside brought me fully awake.

When I woke up for real I was still sort of upset about it. I didn't know if this was showing me the future, or if I am just neurotic and somewhere in the back of my mind I'd been thinking about it.

Update: The next day (12/1) I dreamed of the same subject. The details seemed important when I awoke--but I forgot them too quickly to get them written down. One thing I remember from the dream though, was about me, not the data; I remembered having dreamed of the subject the day before, and I wondered why I was suddenly dreaming about this subject. And a voice told me that although I was not in the direct path of these events, still I perceived them as a direct threat to me and my reality, and so I was picking up psychic information about them as a sort of survival-skill overlap so to speak.

the pattern does not seem all that logical though to be honest. I mean it doesn't seem unusual of course -- WA, N CA, S CA, TX, the SE, and more are actually high density and high economic areas and likely to be targets. But I would expect, intellectually, events to occur up in the North near the Great Lakes areas, and oddly enough the north and midwest weren't shown as taking a hit at least in the dream. So I don't consider the dream likely to be precognitive. Might be just the 'sitting in on' an aspect living in a situation the back of my mind must be chewing on as a side-effect of my political blogging or something.


Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you are describing a jet stream pattern.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like youre describing the War of Armageddon that will destroy America with Russia, China and the SCO on the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran. You can know it is now by all the chemtrails sprayed every day to hide the sing in the heavens -- Planet X, which is causing all the earthquakes. News here: News here: and