Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Liver Does RV

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 18 August 2005

"I know Kung Fu." That line from The Matrix is now almost a cultural funny. I was thinking of it recently when rerererereading one of Ingo Swann's articles. Apparently I am the only person who reads them, though I bet his web stats say otherwise; whenever I mention something in one of them, his fans, trainees etc. all seem rather oblivious. Either they didn't read it or didn't get it or didn't find it as worth remembering as I did.

The man is quite brilliant you know. Sometimes the reading is work though. Much seems tedious, a repetitive essay you must wade through and genuinely pay attention to, because then once he has set the foundation, he is going to say something that clicks in your head and I might find myself thinking, That is so true, terrific to realize it, I never thought about it like that before. I realize I might not have "grokked it" had I not gone through the first part of the article, so I make the effort to do so. Articulating this stuff is so damnably difficult, anybody who can pull it off deserves an award.

Anyway so in one section I grabbed as a quote he said,

"It increasingly became understood that the neurological networks throughout the whole bio-body itself also process information. And since the 1970s it has become understood that certain kinds of information are processed at the cellular level throughout the surface and internal organs of the bio-body."

Psychic functioning certainly does seem to involve the body in more ways than I can count. I have often thought about my health and body and how they may affect my viewing. Would dehydration (some say much of our culture is chronically dehydrated to the cellular level) matter to what could get fluidly communicated within oneself? Well the quote makes me wonder--starting this off with what I often do, that is, "If mass is vibrating energy and energy is a sort of sentient-information" (I realize those are considered two diff things, but not by me), "then are the cells of my liver as involved with my experience as the cells of brain? Does my left elbow feel annoyance?"

Biogram Theory would suggest yes. The implications for RV are interesting though. I have a big interest in psychological "integration" strategies concerning conscious psychic functioning (or what he calls "controlled" remote viewing, which I consider more a process description than the methodology-for-sale most know by that term) so it makes me wonder if even archetype meditations on say, how your liver or small intestine feel about a given thing (RV, or your new job, or whatever) would be interesting. I'm going to have to try a few of those and see.


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