Thursday, March 06, 2008

Talk about informal education

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 19 April 2006

Edwin C. May describing (to Palyne Gaenir) research results, 19 April 2006Although I grant I've had an obsession with science for most of my life, dating back to voracious reading of everything about (or from) George Washington Carver and J.B. Rhine in my school years, it really doesn't get any better than the last near-decade or so, when thanks to my incursion into the study of Remote Viewing and its science, history, theory and practice, I've met a whole bunch of very cool people who are both brilliant and down to earth.

One of my faves is Dr. Edwin C. May, aka Eddie when nobody else is around, who over the years has taken a lot of time to be kind to an uncredentialed but very serious layman with a million questions.

He recently got Skype "video" -- wow! It's so cool!! (No. You will never, ever see me on this. -- I'm shy!) -- and today when he skype-ftp'd a quick run of a graph of current rough prestim research results, and an explanation of it all to boot, I just couldn't resist grabbing a screenshot to show y'all. Now I was tempted not to post this, since it sounds a bit like name-dropping, but then decided what the hell, this is my daily life and this is my blog and they go together, right?

Anyway, with great guys like him willing to be virtual-professors now and then, how can the science of psi NOT be interesting? Now if only I had all the requisite braincells and background math to absorb it, I'd be better deserving I imagine. But at least I don't lack enthusiasm, heh! (Thus demonstrating my long-held theory on social chivalry: that if one can't be useful, they can at least be decorative. Or in my case, perhaps, at least supportive!)

(Thanks for permission ECM. Yeah, next time I'll warn you so you can pose!)

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