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This Is Your Brain On RV

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 28 June 2006

It's on the tip of my brain. It's just half a geometry abstracted, like some session data just slightly too outside me. It is just... out... of... reach.

There is something incomplete in the way I think about RV. I can feel it. The funny thing is, I noticed this consciously some time ago, and since then half a dozen people privately have voluntarily brought up the subject. Their combined comments amount to:

I think there is something wrong with the way we think about RV, or psi, or reality, or something. Like if we had some different way of looking at it, somehow, things would be clearer. Like we are holding some assumption that is in our own way.

I figure this much spontaneous feedback from others means it's a thought I need to pay attention to.

First, there are things I know I should be applying to my session work. I've even mentioned these online eons ago in various pieces but forgot about them. There is just no excuse for me not to expand what viewing I do to incorporate these basics.

  1. Target contact: After-session. I once had the 'intuitive insight'---a sort of information channeling---hit me right after a session that if I didn't have target contact, it's because that wasn't my true desire. And I thought it was, but the insight showed me that if it was, I would be getting in contact with it when I got feedback. I thought, "After feedback? But then it's too late!" But I "realized" (part of the insight) how ridiculous that is. There is no reason why you can't make target contact after seeing the feedback picture. If anything it ought to be a bit easier. The part that gets complicated is getting "novel" data without what you now-know-about-it interfering in some way, but so what? For the purpose of target contact only (not data), anybody psychic should be able to "tune into" a target in a picture. If we really, genuinely wanted that target contact, we would want it---and we would make that effort not only during the session but afterward. And of course, this would intensify the feedback experience quite a bit. When I practiced this, and I was doing my session late at night, I would often dream about the target... in some of the coolest ways! Often really 'shamanic'-like experiences... and where the target itself had consciousness.

  2. Target sketching: After-session. Following on the intuitive insight above, I had the perfectly normal insight following one session that if I cannot sketch something while looking at the feedback photo, how do I expect to sketch it while remote viewing it? Often my perspective during the session is bizarre. As if my eyeballs were resting on the dirt 20 feet from the target and turned at a 45 degree angle or something. I am terrible at "perspective" in sketching which really makes my viewing process suffer, given nearly everything I see visually is in some bizarre partial-and-perspective state. Well it occurred to me that if I wanted to work on sketching, when I get feedback, I should sketch the target (FB). But then I realized that was an even better idea than I realized, because if you only quick line-draw sketched "what was most important and relevent about the target" during this practice, you would literally be "educating" that part of yourself about what should be considered 'most important and relevent'. So, leave out the flagpoles and fire hydrants and curbs and surroundings and people standing around; if what is important is a pointy structure, a porch structure, a lawn filled with political picket signs, and people in line on the porch, then that is the only thing that should be in the sketch. This would help with the target contact attempt above, it would help with educating ourselves about the 'most important and relevent' focii, and it would help sketching skills to get some practice.

  3. Love the one you're with. I truly believe that rapport is greatly facilitated by "appreciation" of anybody and anything, and that having a respect for the target, no matter what its possible nature, just as an equally valid "experience", is something to be consciously considered.

  4. Emotional Sequencing. This is a term I came up with many years ago to describe deliberately working through emotions like a karate kata. You map out emotions that are conducive. Hope. Wonder. Suspense. Humor. Delight. Earnestness. Determination. Acceptance. etc. and you go through them, in order, giving yourself several seconds of each to really 'get it into yourself', it's an emotional cocktail, a recipe, to help generate the kind of "power" on the feelings-side to help drive intent.

These things are part and parcel of doing remote viewing practice "fully". Not just of sitting down, writing impressions and moving on, but of really squeezing every drop of experience and improvement out of every session. Why is that some people can practice three times a week and advance better than some practicing three times a day? Because some people get so much more out of the practice they put in. Maybe they learn better 'visually' from feedback than others---in which case, the emotions and the sketching of after-feedback rapport+sketch should help others a lot. Maybe they are more talented, who knows. But I feel a session should not just be considered the moments writing things down, but should include the warm-up process and the session "review" process (for practice) as well, and without those other components, it's not complete.

I don't know what the answer is to "the perspective" that I feel I do not have... correctly-set for Remote Viewing to somehow be a little different for me. I feel as if it's all a geometry, and I am not really in alignment.

Will blog more rambling on firedocs.

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