Thursday, March 06, 2008

Data Ethics

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 03 July 2006

Darn I had fun on the HAARP Mission this week. (See it at TKR.)

When making my presentation session, there was some data I felt was less relevent. So I left it out. Later I realized that except a couple tiny silly AOL's, nearly everything I left out was negative stuff. Which if I had felt differently, I probably could have geared the presentation session to seeming quite different. It was not intentional, and I didn't know the target of course, but I'd be an idiot to pretend there is no psychology involved there.

So it's got me thinking about what is righteous and just. Now in my private viewing, it's nobody's business. If people want me to view for them (and seriously, I don't know why they would, I am no expert) they get what I give them. Learning to give them what is accurate is part of what I'm working on obviously. The raw session is mine. It's filled with process notes, spontaneous insights about people and situations nobody's business, and more. If they don't like taking what I give them, they don't need me viewing for them.

Of course, sometimes I just suck anyway, so they don't ask. I recall Tunde tasking me on something eons ago and I gave him a big session with a sketch focus on... well maybe it was a soccor ball, perfectly round with this hexa-something shape inside. I saw this guy with white all over his face, and had the mass-crowds-hysteria data already, and AOL'd bigtime on the 9/11 thing, esp. as I felt Tunde had a tendency to task terror targets at that time (tasker aol, sigh!), and made the session into some catastrophic event, when really it was a soccer (football) game (World Cup). This probably explains why he doesn't ask me for sessions anymore LOL. Anyway, where was I? I'm so ADD-like today it's ridiculous...

OK, but in public viewing -- such as with TKR -- what's fair and "just" for data? I gave the tasker a scan of my raw session. I uploaded the presentation session for everybody else (see TKR at the Dojo Psi, the Galleries, Missions page). And a bit later I went ahead and posted both over on PJRV for reference from my Red Cairo blog. So it's not private anymore. But it's got me thinking on this.

Should I be required to share raw data with "the public" if the forum in which I'm doing the viewing is "public"? Is that like an implicit part of the unspoken social agreement of viewers viewing together? Is it rude or overly secretive of me to keep my raw data private? (Not that this scan was much of an example. I couldn't find my lab book, was 3/4 asleep, and had to use some tiny journal-like book instead, in the near-dark. The only thing amazing about the session is that I could even read it to retype it the next day.)

I think I will be an autocrat and do what I want, how I want, when I want, anyway. But I posted a thread on the TKR RV webForum Board about this, just to see what other viewers think about it.

If you share all your data and it makes someone paranoid about something with zero evidence, is that a bad thing? I mean if it's bad to scare people for money as is done in RVland regularly by at least one source, is it just less-bad to scare them when it isn't for money? Is it less-bad to scare them about one topic rather than another? Where is the dividing line of what is "the right thing to do"?

I know... I'm neurotic. I'm a Virgo x4, gimme a break.

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