Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dino's Extinction

Archived from the former Firedocs blog. 30 July 2005

What wiped out the dinosaurs? Mere minutes of session alas but fun anyway. Yes. I was sitting in the car waiting for the kid when I did it. That's about the only time I have for viewing most days.

Today my practice target (not an RV target but a psychic target in this case) was another of the 'anomalies and esoterics' as I've always called them. Out of nearly 1000 targets there's maybe 12 in this pool and I've gotten a few right next to each other. Go figure on how, what are the odds. Anyway, so the tasking was a boneheadedly complicated sort, one of a few that I'd written up last minute (probably at 3am) and tossed into the pool when I was making it a few years ago. The sort that makes you later go, "WTF was I thinking??"

Bad taskings are like a wishy-washy relationship--even after you suffer and escape the experience, you still aren't sure exactly what lesson is to be learned from it. At least this one had some resolution based on 'tasking context' alone. Not enough to qualify as real RV but who cares.

The actual tasking was, "Describe the situation and experience of the extinction of the dinosaurs." Gee that's not complicated enough for one tasking. Maybe I should have included the creation of the universe and the collapse of Mayan civilization while I was at it! Seriously, that was stupid. I can think of 500 ways to better word it. Fortunately, since I was tasking myself, I assume that I knew what I meant!

In the session I had a sense of something BIG, a sense of a life form, and then a clear visual of what I could only describe as "a rock," not very round, which was 'glowing from the inside', reminded me of how on a volcano rock can "glow through" an outer layer when it's really hot inside, there was "motion", and a sense of tons of dots/stuff/rays/something around the rock. The tiny sketch I drew looked like a mini-sun or something when I considered it. Mere minutes in, they returned to the car so I was out of time. (Story of my life!)

When I saw the tasking, the meteor theory made big sense then. A rock glowing with heat from the inside, surrounded by stuff or rays like a comet or something, in motion. Who knows.

As for feedback, there are two extinction theories for the great dinosaurs, either that they were fried suddenly in a cosmic collision or that a temp shift caused them to stop hatching enough females. As opposed to the Mastadons, which evidence suggests were "flash frozen". What a way to go.


Anonymous said...

The Mastadon found in northern Russia had food still in its throat. So that gives you a timeline of about 12 hours or less to be frozen solid haunched on the ground. And that the Mastadon found had been there for a little over 3000 years. give or take some years by a few hundred. So... your RV session most likely did see what cleaned the slate. As for the AOL of the Mastadon, that was found under the ice. It went from eating tropical forest vegitation to frozen solid in the ice in under 12 to 24 hours. What would cause the planet to move that much 3000+ years ago, is unknown.

Wish you had a target for the Mastadon to work.

Anonymous said...

Planet X! Armageddon for America on 10-10-10. News here:

Anonymous said...

What does a Frozen Mastodon have to do with the extinction of the dino's? There was a lot of time between the two.

PJ said...

Really?! Well I guess that shows you what I know about dinosaurs... and what are NOT dinosaurs, I infer... nothing! Thanks.